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Employment Outcomes for School of Computer Science and Mathematics Graduate Students

Employment Outcomes for School of Computer Science and Mathematics Graduate Students In a recent survey of all graduate-level students enrolled in degree programs through Marist's School of Computer Science and Mathematics, 95% indicated they were employed full-time in the area of their degree, 3% indicated they were enrolled in further education full-time (doctoral program or additional coursework), and 2% indicated they were involved in other work outside of the discipline. 

We're also fortunate to have an inspiring group of industry advisors and successful alumni and their diverse perspectives are incorporated into our program. As a student, you have access to Marist Alumni from your first day and you can be certain that whenever you have questions or seek advice, they will respond. During your studies, you have access to these individuals via the online alumni directory, mentoring programs, conferences, international alumni gatherings, and numerous informal activities and events. A partial list of companies where our alumni are currently employed includes the following:

Notable Employers*

  • MedCohere
  • IBM
  • Solar Data Systems, Inc.
  • STRC

*a small sample of employers from the prior year

Career Preparation

  • Software Developer
  • Programmer/Analyst
  • Software Engineer
  • IT Systems Analyst
  • Computer Programmer

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Brian Gormanly, MS '14

Brian Gormanly, MS '14 Tell us about a project or course that was particularly meaningful to your professional development. 

I took a course in robotics, which had a profound effect on my career direction.  The main class project involved creating a pair of robots that had to work together to complete a task.  A large part of the effort was centered around enabling the robots to navigate their environment.  The work I did on the robots navigation algorithm was later reused and expanded in my career as an indoor navigation and locating algorithm. 

Read more about Brian's experience in his Red Fox Spotlight interview!