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Data Center Operations

The Data Center of Marist College is part of the Information Technology department. It is both a place and a group of people who are dedicated to providing high quality computer services to the college community. This area includes some of the most sensitive and vital computer services needed to run the college.

The heart of the Data Center is the "raised floor area" or the Machine Room. This is located in the lower part of Donnelly Hall and contains much of the computing power for the college. It houses one IBM mainframe and its related devices, many Intel based servers, and is the primary hub for the campus computer network. These and other equipment located in this area, make it one of the most vital in the college.

The Data Center is also home to several departments of Information Technology:

  • Networking
  • Telecommunications - maintains the campus telephone network

The Data Center staff offer tours of our facilities to the Marist community and interested members of the local educational community.  Tours cover the hardware used in the Data Center including:

  • Mainframe and server technology
  • Enterprise Storage Servers
  • Network switches, routers, and cabling
  • Operations monitoring and security practices
  • Raised Floor facilities, including the UPS

During the tour, the software used to run these systems will be discussed, including how it is used for daily production in the college.

To arrange a tour of our facilities, please send an email to