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Virus: you have some pending documents waiting for download

Why this looks valid

  • The email appears to be from WeTransfer
  • WeTransfer is a commom method of sharing large files

Why this is a virus

  • There is no information that identifies the sender of the shared file
  • The Get Your Files and "download" links don't go to WeTransfer or any valid file sharing website, leading directly to malicious file downloads
  • Note that the email is from WeTransfer but the top of the message says We-Transfer - grammar errors, spelling errors, and odd sentence construction are usually indicative of a malicious email

Additional notes

  • Always report suspicious emails such as as this one to - we take steps to remediate malicious emails to make sure they don't negatively impact any members of the community
  • Report it to Microsoft. In Outlook on the Web, click the Junk menu, and select Phishing
  • Unsolicited file shares are a very common method of spreading malware and viruses.  Always be suspicious of unsoliciated emails with file sharing links
  • Did you know:  you can preview links in your email!  In your browser, mouse over the link and you can see where it leads at the bottom of the browser window.  On a mobile device, you can press and hold a link in the email to see a preview. It only takes a few moments to verify a link before you click it!