Information Technology

Mail Delivery & Pick Up for Administrative Offices

Incoming mail and on-campus mail is delivered to the administrative offices twice a day. Mail carriers leave for their deliveries approximately 10:00 a.m. and again at 1:00 p.m. During these deliveries all outgoing mail is picked up and returned to the Marist Post Office for processing. Please follow these requirements when preparing your outgoing mail for pick up.

  • Separate on-campus mail from outgoing mail
  • Separate mail with stamps and mail that requires no postage.
  • Separate mail with special services (ex. certified, Priority, Overnight ect.)
  • Outgoing mail should have a return address with your department name
  • Mail that requires metering (postage) needs to be separate as follows:
    • Domestic Mail (mailed in the U.S.)
    • International Mail
    • Letters
    • Flats

You are required to call the Marist Post Office (ext. 2131) and request the proper containers for any large mailings. We will not accept any mailings in boxes, bags ect.


  • 500 letters or more your request would be for letter trays
  • Large mailings of flats, booklets, ect., your request would be for mail buckets.
  • Please call ext. 2131 if you have any questions.