Information Technology

New Employee Day One Readiness Checklist

Marist IT seeks to ensure technology readiness on new employees' start date, as well as proper IT training.


New Marist employees who have:

  • a valid, signed contract on file in the Office of Human Resources, and
  • an entry inBanner_HR at least 72 hours prior to their first day of work

will be provided with a Day One Readiness packet containing the following:

  1. College-wide ID (CWID)
  2. Marist account and password (Network Usage Agreement)
  3. Email address
  4. PC deployment, including inventory control information/domain account creation
  5. Phone extension and long-distance (FAC) code


Start-up Activities:

Visit the Marist Card Office (with your CWID) to get your Marist College ID card




Employee-Specific/Optional Things to Do:

  • Swipe card access request (See your supervisor)
  • Parking Registration (Security Office)
  • Get on the preferred parking lot list, if desired (e.g. Donnelly, Lowell Thomas) — Sign up at the Security Office DN201
  • Business card request at the Digital Publication Center


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