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Marist College Endorses IBM's Open Datacenter Interoperable Network (ODIN)

Marist teaches and operates in the Information Age, where modern data centers affect nearly every aspect of our lives and form the infrastructure which supports modern education, research, and business. Significant innovation is taking place in this area, and nowhere is this more evident than in the data communication networks that make up the backbone of highly virtualized, cloud computing data centers like at Marist College.

There is a long tradition of open industry standards in this environment, supported by organizations such as the IEEE, IETF, ONF, and many more. Significant research and development is taking place in this area, and Marist is pleased to endorse the recently published technical briefs which describe a standards-based approach to creating an open data center with an interoperable network (ODIN). "

Marist College students, faculty, and staff are fully participating with IBM, and other companies, to ensure the next generation of technology professionals are prepared. To contribute to the applied research, Marist College supports an interoperability lab, a National Science Foundation funded research lab for enterprise computing, and cloud computing based computational research facilities.