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The Advising Centers

Mission of the Advising Center

The School of Management Advising Center supports and empowers our students to help them achieve their educational goals through:

Goal Setting/Academic Planning: We work with students to develop a plan to meet their educational goals. We will monitor students' progress through this academic plan to ensure timely completion of their educational goals.

Development: We are committed to empowering students to make decisions, grow, and develop into independent thinkers and learners as they advance through their educational process at SoM.

Advocacy: We will serve as our students' advocates when appropriate, both within Marist College and to external parties.

Resources: We will provide our students with information to help develop their academic skills by referring them to the appropriate academic resource center.

Logistics: We can work to instill confidence in our students by providing them with the tools to access the necessary resources in the School of Management and the broader Marist College to achieve success. This should serve as a foundation for future means of adapting to new environments.

Advising Services

The Advising Center can assist students in the following areas:

  • Course Selection
  • Field of Concentration Selection
  • Interpreting Marist College Policies and Procedures
  • Study Abroad Advising
  • Tutoring Referrals
  • Warning and Probation Counseling
  • Registration for Independent Research
  • Graduation Clearance
  • Dean's Certifications
  • Petitions for Exceptions to Academic Policies
  • Internships