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How Are The MBA Courses Structured?

Master's in Business Administration Course Layout

The MBA graduate degree program is delivered in a 100% online format without the need for on-campus residencies. Marist MBA students have full access to the college campus in Poughkeepsie, NY, including all services (library, career counseling, bookstore, dining halls...) and events such as cultural performances, art openings, athletics, and alumni gatherings, but spending time on the campus is not required.

The MBA program curriculum requires completion of 9 core courses and 3 elective or concentration courses.

Online MBA Course Structures

Through completing courses online, students are given the option of logging into the iLearn system at a time that is convenient for them to complete assignments before due dates. Lectures, readings, and class assignments are delivered and returned through the iLearn portal. Professors set up time-sensitive submission forms for students to complete their assignments in a timely fashion.

A benefit of the online structure is that students are able to connect with classmates across the globe who are also enrolled in the MBA program. With the asynchronous format, the MBA program is ideal for all students - those residing in New York or anywhere else around the globe. This format allows for a more authentic experience of learning from and managing teams at a geographical distance and in a variety of time zones.

Prospective students interested in the MBA program and its concentrations should contact Marist College for more information.