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What Types of Financial Aid are Available for MBA Students?

How to Pay for Your MBA Program

Prospective MBA students often wonder about the types of financial aid available to them. Affording your MBA program tuition is possible with the assistance that Marist College offers through their financial aid services office. Merit scholarships, organizational partnerships, need-based grants, and loans are only a few of the options made available to students looking to earn their MBA degree.

Recent Undergraduate MBA Financial Aid Options

Students interested in applying for an MBA should file their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) before or during the application process to get an understanding of how much aid will be provided by the government. This task can help prospective students plan for which supplemental types of financial aid they may need to complete their tuition package.

Marist College also offer merit scholarships to students with exceptional academic records from their undergraduate institution. Awards are based on the cumulative undergraduate GPA and are given at the discretion of the scholarship committee. Only one merit scholarship is awarded per graduate student and may not be combined with partnership based tuition credit.

MBA Financial Aid for Working Professionals

Financial Aid is also available for prospective working professionals interested in an MBA degree. They may be eligible for tuition benefits from their company or organization if they are partnered with the Marist College Organizational Partnerships programs. This provides a unique opportunity for graduate students interested in pursuing an MBA toward a career change or advancement in their current organization. Consider asking your supervisor or checking out which corporate and organizational partnerships Marist has to see the opportunities available to you.

A complete financial package will be sent to accepted students within their admission packets. You can review more information about the cost and paying for your MBA degree on the Financial Aid Information page.

Contact us to learn more about earning and paying for a MBA degree at Marist College. Our program directors can provide further advice to prospective students interested financial aid available for their needs.