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Master of Public Administration (MPA)

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Online Master's in Public Administration Concentrations

Public and Nonprofit Management, Ethical Leadership, Analytics, and Healthcare Administration MPA Graduate Degree Concentrations

The Marist College’s online Master’s in Public Administration (MPA) graduate degree concentrations attract graduate students from a wide range of not-for-profit organizations, government agencies, and institutions in the education, health care, and public safety sectors, as well as other disciplines. Students attending graduate school at Marist College can choose from a variety of online MPA concentrations while working on their public administration degree, including Public and Nonprofit Management, Ethical Leadership, Healthcare Administration, and Analytics. Through Master’s in Public Administration curriculum each concentration helps to provide in-depth best practices and leading research for that specific area of study.

Trying to decide which online Master’s in Public Administration graduate degree concentration is best for your professional goals? Contact us for more information about the Ethical Leadership, Public and Nonprofit Management, Healthcare Administration, and Analytics MPA concentrations.

Public and Nonprofit Management MPA Concentration

Effective management of public organizations requires a unique set of skills. The online Public and Nonprofit Management concentration through the MPA Master’s degree program assists graduate students in the development of their managerial and strategic planning skills to successfully lead both large and small public and nonprofit organizations regardless of focus or mission.

Ethical Leadership MPA Concentration

Marist College has developed the Ethical Leadership concentration within the online MPA graduate degree program to address critical leadership issues in modern-day public organizations. Through the Master’s in Public Administration Ethical Leadership concentration, graduate students will broaden their knowledge of ethics within the public sector and receive an educational experience focused on developing effective, ethical leadership qualities.

Healthcare Administration MPA Concentration

Managers in the healthcare sector face problems unique to their field including extensive regulation, reimbursement and profitability difficulties, and managing a highly educated and diverse workforce. The online MPA Healthcare Administration degree concentration provides graduate students with critical information and strategies needed to effectively manage issues specific to the healthcare sector.

Analytics MPA Concentration

A study of the critical issues related to managing data in organizations is explored in this concentration. The concept of data as a resource, the data environment, the database approach, and the need for data modeling are examined in detail.

Prerequisite for all MPA concentration courses: MPA 500 Introduction to Public Administration

To read detailed course descriptions of the required courses for each Master’s in Public Administration graduate degree concentration, visit the MPA Elective Courses page.

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