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Master of Public Administration (MPA)

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Foundation Courses for Online MPA

Public Administration Master's Degree Required Foundation Courses

MPA 501 Politics and Policy
Politics and Policy considers the public policy-making process with particular emphasis on the political environment. This course covers strategic and operational planning theories and practices, as well as ethical dilemmas.

MPA 505 Human Resource Management in Public Organizations
Human Resource Management in Public Organizations examines aspects of human resources and personnel management in the public and nonprofit sector. This course introduces major issues, techniques, and trends in contemporary public personnel management, including ethical concerns, career planning, and professional development.

MPA 508 Statistics for Public Managers
Statistics for Public Managers provides an overview of the scientific framework and empirical approaches to conducting and evaluating research studies. The course emphasizes the application of quantitative techniques to decision-making and problem-solving. Topics include descriptive statistics, probability, sampling plans, research design, analytical methods for hypothesis testing, and regression analysis. Familiarity with high school algebra is necessary.

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