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9:15 am

LLS1: The Story of the Czechs (3 class sessions) Jan. 11, 13, 18
11:00 am GS1: Tesla - The Forgotton Genius (3 class sessions) Jan. 11, 13, 18
1:15 pm AL1: How the Times Influence Our Styles (3 class sessions) Jan. 11, 13, 18

LLS1: The Story of the Czechs
Time: 9:15 am | Dates: Jan. 11, 13 & 18

Description: Story of the Czechs, from their mythical beginnings in the land called Bohemia to the present day Czech Republic. The connection of Czech music to their history and search for liberty and nationalism. The ancestral story of the presenter will be included through the eyes of his grandparents.

Presenter: Richard (Dick) Herodes, CLS Member

GS1: TESLA - The Forgotten Genius
Time: 11:00 am | Dates: Jan. 11, 13 & 18

Description: Edison and Marconi are famous for their achievements in electricity and radio. However, it is the work of Nikola Tesla that is largely responsible for the modern electrical world we live in today. At the start of the 20th century, Tesla was famous throughout the world but he would die poor, alone, and in virtual obscurity. This presentation looks back at the life and amazing accomplishments of this enigmatic genius.

Presenter: Ange Rapa, CLS Member

AL1: How The Times Influence Our Styles
Time: 1:15 PM | Dates: Jan. 11, 13 & 18

Description: Let's explore how time and events shape our choice of clothing and surroundings. The first topic will consider how World War II affected the clothes we wore. Next, we will see how Non-conformists through the ages have dressed. We will conclude by comparing the Baroque vs. Rococo Style in Decorative Arts. 

Presenter: David Roberts, Adjunct Instructor Marist College Fashion Program