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Student Services & Support: Adult Undergraduate Students

Welcome to the School of Professional Programs where we are dedicated to serving the specific needs of the adult student.

The first step to academic success is having the right tools to guide you through your experience.



User Account

Given to every Marist student, it allows access to online services as well as registration and billing.  


All students recieve and Marist email account where important campus information will be communicated.  It is the responsibility of every student to check this email regularly.  


Help Desk 

The point of contact between students, faculty and staff with the Information Technology Department. Can help assist with questions about iLearn, Foxmail, account problems and other technical difficulties.



Contains materials in a variety of formats and has librarians available for one-on-one sessions to help students better understand how to access all the resources on the shelves and the internet.


Career Services

Collaborates with the college community and external partners to prepare students for career success. Can help with resume writing, internship placement and graduate school. Career courses for credit also offered.


Accommodation & Accessibility

Provides individualized support to students with disabilities to ensure access to a complete education.


Academic Learning Center

Provides academic support with specialized courses, tutoring programs and academic counseling.


Health Services

Provides leadership and advocacy in support of a healthy college community. Verifies immunization records for all students.


Computer Labs

Computer labs are available at the Poughkeepsie campus. Equipped with the latest software such a Microsoft Office, students can access the internet, iLearn and Foxmail as well as print documents. Search for a lab on campus based on your needs.



Photocopying and other print jobs are provided by the Digital Publications Center located on main campus for a fee.


Media Center

Responsible for the support of audio / video / visual instructional technologies. Providing multimedia support for classes, students can reserve equipment for classroom projects and presentations.


How do I?

  • Get my Marist Account: New students have their account information sent to them upon admission to the college. It is needed to access all of our online services such as online course platforms, schedules, course registration and bill pay to name a few. If you have misplaced your account information contact the Help Desk at 845-575-HELP (4357).
  • Get a Student ID Card: Through the Marist Card Office which is located in Donnelly Hall. Students must be registered for classes in order to receive an ID card.
  • Get my Tesxtbooks: The Marist Barnes & Noble Bookstore has regular hours Monday - Friday as well as 24 hour online book ordering service. Students will need their class schedule. Online orders can be delivered to your home or other convenient place of delivery.
  • Get a Parking PermitParking permits are needed to park on the main campus in Poughkeepsie. Students must be registered for classes and apply for a parking permit online through the Office of Safety & Security. Permits are free and need to be renewed every year.
  • Change a Password: To reset a forgetten password, contact the Help Desk for next steps.  
  • Recieve Snow Closing information: The Office of Safety and Security also produces and distributes several brochures in regard to Fire Safety, Personal Safety, and information how to register for MaristAlerts, our mass communications system that notifies students in the event of an emergency of snow delays and closures.
  • Submit Immunization Records: Log in to the portal foro Health Services for details. 
  • Apply for Readmission: Any previously matriculated undergraduate adult student that has not earned a degree and has not been actively registered in classes for 2 or more years must apply for readmission to the college through the Office of the Registrar.


Honors & Awards

Alpha Sigma Lambda - Non-traditional undergraduate student honor society. The Marist College Gamma Eta chapter was established in 1982.

Award for Excellence in Professional Studies - This award is made annually to the student who demonstrates high academic achievement in his or her academic endeavors in the Professional Studies program.

Spirit of Adult Education - 

Adult students are often required to juggle their academic studies, family responsibilities, careers, and community involvement. This award is made annually to the Professional Studies student who serves as a strong role model for adult students.