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Biology Department

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The mission of the Department of Biology is to provide an outstanding and supportive educational environment in which students and faculty can flourish as they seek to better understand the biological sciences and their practical applications.

Biology Vision

The Department of Biology will:

  • Provide students with a broad education in biology, including knowledge of major concepts and topics from across biological disciplines.
  • Employ evidence-based teaching methods, including inquiry-based laboratories, to support a broad range of students in building critical thinking skills and logical approaches to novel questions.
  • Graduate students with a range of skills required for employment or further educational opportunities, including:
    • Strong verbal and written scientific communication skills.
    • Proficiency with modern laboratory techniques.
    • The ability to formulate clear hypotheses, design experiments to test them, and interpret results including analysis of quantitative data.
    • Ethically informed decision making
  • Provide ample opportunities for students to gain authentic professional experience, including internships and research.
  • Support students with excellent advising.

Our programs will stimulate students' intellectual curiosity while inspiring them to give back to the community. We aim to make it possible for all students to succeed in their pursuit of a diverse array of advanced studies and careers in the life sciences, including the health professions and teaching, making them competitive for positions in desirable graduate and professional schools, secondary schools, and industry. 

Major Descriptions


The Biology program includes required courses in biology and chemistry to provide a broad background in the biological sciences. The program prepares students for advanced studies at graduate schools and careers in the life sciences, including the health professions, teaching and industry. Students choose from two comprehensive concentrations that can be tailored to each student’s career goals.  The Biological Sciences concentration is the most flexible, designed to allow students to study a range of areas in biology, preparing them for diverse career opportunities and areas of graduate study. The Human Biology concentration is designed for preparation of physician's assistant, physical therapy, nursing, and athletic training graduate programs. 

Biomedical Sciences

The Biomedical Sciences curriculum is an interdisciplinary science program that includes required courses in biology, chemistry, and physics alongside clinical internships. This major provides a solid foundation in health sciences and fulfills general prerequisites for admission to health professional schools including, but not limited to, medical, dental, veterinary, optometry, and pharmacy. Elective and Core/LS courses will satisfy additional admission prerequisites to master’s and doctoral programs in the health sciences.