Biology Department

Undergraduate Biology Mission

The mission of the Marist Department of Biology is to provide an outstanding and supportive educational environment in which students and faculty flourish as they seek to better understand the biological sciences and their practical applications.

Student Learning Outcomes for Biology and Biomedical Sciences Majors  

LO-1. Demonstrate a working knowledge of the structure and function of genetic material, cell structure and physiology, ecological interaction of life forms, and evolutionary theory.   

LO-2. Rigorously and ethically apply the scientific method to investigate questions in biology, both individually and collaboratively, by formulating testable hypotheses, and gathering and analyzing data to assess the degree to which they support the hypotheses. 

LO-3. Employ quantitative reasoning skills to present results and explain their relevance. 

LO-4. Demonstrate information literacy by locating, critically analyzing, properly citing, and discussing primary literature. 

LO-5. Effectively communicate biological concepts and findings to scientific and nonscientific audiences, orally and in writing.