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Pre-Health Program

Forms for Students Planning to Request a Pre-Health Professions Committee Letter

This page provides links to several documents that explain the required process for students and alumni to apply to pre-health programs such as medical and dental.

Students are responsible for reading and adhering to the policies and deadlines described in these documents

The Application Process

This document provides an overview of the application process and includes deadlines internal to College.

Permission to Establish a File and Information Waiver

This document should be completed as soon as you think that you will be utilizing the pre-health committee and advisor in your application to a health professions school.


This document is meant to be completed by March 1 before the summer that you intend to apply to medical or dental school so that it can be distributed to the committee in evaluating your application and providing advice.

Committee Letters of Evaluation

This document describes the process used by the pre-health professions committee to write a composite letter of evaluation, which is preferred by most medical and dental schools.

Letter of Evaluation Request Form

This form must be used by students when they request individual letters of evaluation from faculty members or healthcare practitioners that will be used by the pre-health committee to write a composite letter.

Math and Science GPA Calculation Spreadsheet

This form is used to determine your math and science GPA separately from your overall GPA.