Marist Students Participate in Prestigious Summer Research Programs

Science for Marist students doesn’t stop in the summer. Many science students choose to continue their education in the summer months on campus, across the country, or internationally. For example two of our students, Jennifer Rutkowski and Sarah Johnson, were accepted to highly competitive summer research programs this past summer.

Jenner Rutowski

Jennifer presenting results of her research at the Stowers Institute for Medical Research

Jennifer Rutkowski, a Biomedical Science major, was accepted into the Stowers Institute for Medical Research Summer Scholar Program where she worked in Dr. Rohner’s lab. Jennifer investigated the use of model organisms as a basis for understanding human disease and cancer. The Stowers Institute is an independent research organization located in Kansas City, Missouri.  The institute conducts fundamental biomedical research with the objective of understanding diseases in order to find effective treatments and prevention. Jennifer met the principle investigator, Dr. Rohner, during a two week research trip to Mexico with Marist biology professor, Dr. Luis Espinasa, where they were collecting samples of blind cave fish, Astyanax mexacanus. She credits this experience with her successful application to the program.

Sarah Johnson

Sarah (back row, second from left) with the other participants of the Justus-Leibig University summer research program

Chemistry senior, Sarah Johnson, travelled even further after she was accepted to the Justus-Leibig University (JLU) summer research program located in Giessen, Germany. JLU is a large, public, research university with more than 400 years of history. Sarah worked in the Schreiner group on the fluoride-assisted activation of calcium carbide and its potential use in organic transformations. Sarah says “Living and working in Germany for three months was an amazing opportunity that really helped to reaffirm my career goals.” She added that she would suggest a similar experience to any undergraduates, particularly those considering a PhD program after graduation.