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Frequently Asked Questions

No, but it is strongly recommended that you register.  Marist email addresses are loaded as your default method of contact in the event of an emergency.  Via the Everbridge portal, you can add additional contact methods in which you will receive the alert message. 

The College will check to ensure new students, faculty and staff are added to the alert list each night as they become active members of the campus community.  When a new member of the community is recognized by the Everbridge system, they will receive an email inviting them to login, and input additional methods of contact or adjust your contact preference.  These alternate (optional) contact methods include; parent phone number, student cell phone number for SMS (text messaging), personal email addresses and more.

MaristAlerts will only be used for emergencies to the direct safety and well-being of the College community.  

  • Criminal Activity – Immediate danger to the community (Active Shooter, Armed Robbery).
  • Severe Weather Conditions – Hurricane, Blizzard, or other significant environmental event.  This includes institutional delays and cancellations due to inclement weather.
  • Life Safety Conditions – Chemical hazard, Explosion, significant Fire, Water/Sewage
  • Maintenance - Widespread Electrical outage, mechanical malfunction
  • Testing - To be conducted quarterly in collaboration with Everbridge and is evaluated via a broadcast analysis for delivery effectiveness.

By default, an emergency alert would be sent to your Marist email.  To input additional contact methods, access the member portal from any smartphone or computer to change your alert preferences and additional contact options such as:

  1. Marist email address (default)
  2. SMS (Text message, optional, text to mobile phone)
  3. Mobile phone (optional, phone call)
  4. Alternate email address (optional)
  5. Alternate phone (optional)

The Marist College Administration urges all faculty, staff, and students to use their best judgment in reporting an emergency.  The college liaisons with a variety of public and private agencies to supplement our emergency response needs.  When crimes, dangerous situations, or other unusual events occur, the College administration is committed to disseminating timely and accurate information to the community.

For serious emergencies including life safety and a clear and present danger, call 911.

To report a situation to the Office of Safety & Security:
Campus Emergencies   x5555 or 845-575-5555

General Information and Non-Emergencies
Office of Safety & Security   x2282, from off campus: 845-471-1822
SNAP Escort Service   xSNAP (x7627) or 845-575-7627

Stay calm and make reasonable efforts to protect yourself and others.  Stay in place unless otherwise instructed.  Leave the building immediately if you hear an alarm, if requested by emergency response personnel, or if the building seems unsafe.  The management of serious emergencies is an organized and multi-faceted response which includes the following: 

  • Communication Methods/Processes
  • E-Mail
  • Phone mail 
  • Many classroom phones act as a speaker for a PA system
  • College web site
  • Office of Media Relations
  • Campus TV Station - Scroll message at bottom of screen or take over full screen on all channels
  • Via Security and other staff in buildings
  • Building officers in academic buildings
  • RDs and RAs in residence halls
  • Security vehicles are equipped with loudspeaker systems

"If You See Something...Say Something"

Safety and Security is everyone's responsibility!

No. Alerts to your cell phone or smart phone, will arrive as you prefer, as either phone call, or a text message.

Listen carefully, follow the instructions, and remain calm.  

You will have received an initial email, inviting you to register for access to input your contact methods.  You can access the member portal from any smartphone or computer.

The information collected for MaristAlerts will be maintained internally and will not be shared.

Below is a sample scenario of the system activation process:

  1. An emergency situation is reported and assessed by Security and Senior Executives as time permits. The decision is made to send an alert via MaristAlerts.
  2. An Emergency Alert message is sent to the Marist community. All messages are 3 sentences or less.
  3. Recipient responses to the Everbridge system messages are recorded and responded to accordingly.
  4. Update messages will be sent when appropriate information is available and vetted for accuracy.
  5. At the conclusion of an event an End of Emergency notification will be sent.

All communications contain components identifying the message as coming from Marist College. As applicable, the following pieces of information will be included:

  1. Identification: “The following message is a Marist College Emergency Alert”
  2. Admin Contact Name: “ from Director of Safety and Security (John Gildard)”
  3. Admin Email:
  4. Caller ID: 845-575-3999

All emergency alerts (from all contact methods) can be acknowledged and replied to. A reply can indicate if assistance is needed, or if there is important information to relay to officials and the administration.

Please call 845-471-1822 or email