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The SNR 34 Team

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Fashion Show Production is an innovative course at Marist College, responsible for all components of the production of The Silver Needle Runway. It provides hands-on experience, mirroring changes in the fashion industry for more than 20 years. The course explores all aspects of producing a large runway show from concept to completion.

Communications Team

Roles for the Communication Team focus on marketing and promotional strategies, creation of all printed digital content, social media content, and networking with industry guests.

  • Ashley Camuso – Student Communications Director 
  • Claire DeBenedittis – Student Social Media and Website Director 
  • Erica Capobianco and Shannon Sproul – Student Communications Assistants 
  • Rachel Maculloch – Student Website Marketing Assistant 
  • Francesca Rivera – Student Front of House Assistant
  • Barbara Marciano and Julia Mazzella – Student Public Relations Coordinators
  • Rachel Steinberg – Student Social Media Coordinator 
  • Emily Buckley and Eliza Rotante – Student Digital Media Coordinators 

Production Team

This team oversees venue and logistics; ranging from lighting, staging and sound to model casting, show lineup and generating funds and scholarships.

Model casting, developing the show lineup, organizing and planning layout, booking the hair and makeup teams, and managing the run-of-show are other responsibilities, as well.

  • Alexa Cerza and Tatum Flood – Student Production Directors 
  • Elizabeth Knight – Student Wardrobe Assistant 
  • Victoria Marino – Student Model Assistant 
  • Kennedi Hudnut – Student Venue Assistant 
  • Kerry Flynn – Student Sponsorship/Budgeting Assistant 
  • Ally Havenstrite and Rachael Richards – Student Wardrobe Coordinators 
  • Olivia Cole and Sophia Dimiceli – Student Model Coordinators 
  • Michaela Corrigan and Julia Cuttita  – Student Hospitality Coordinators 
  • Hanna Hawxhurst – Student Sponsorship/Budgeting Coordinator 

Creative Team

Tasks of the Creative Team include developing the theme of the show, creating visuals, overseeing and assisting front of house production, planning music, making promotional videos, and event photography.

  • Callahan Rasnake – Student Creative Director 
  • Alexis Broadnax  – Digital Media Director
  • Julia Renna  – Student Creative Assistant
  • Kaitlin Chamley – Student Digital Media Assistant 
  • Caroline Breen  – Student Staging / Visual Assistant
  • Allina Dimella and Maria Smith – Student Brand / Visual Coordinators 
  • Arianna Pittelli – Student Digital Media Coordinator 
  • Arielle Park – Student Brand / Audio Coordinator 
  • Emily Larson and Allison Jozwiak – Student Photo / Videography Coordinators