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Academic Review Sessions

Academic Review and Drop-In Sessions: The Academic Learning Center sponsors review and drop-in sessions in various subjects for students in need of help.  

All Review Sessions are sponsored by the Academic Learning Center and are free to Marist Students


Academic Services

Academic Monitoring

The Center for Student-Athlete Enhancement Staff members work closely with student-athletes as well as faculty advisors on academic planning, study skills, goal-setting, majors, minors, etc. The Athletics-Academic Advisement program has two main focuses: The first is to be a valuable resource to the student-athlete for all types of collegiate information. Gates and her staff help student-athletes create a class schedule that allows each individual to maximize class participation without compromising their athletic commitments. The office also assists student-athletes to identify major and pre-professional programs that will prepare them for life in the professional world. Additionally, the Center for Student-Athlete Enhancement serves as a safety net. In this capacity, the office staff monitors student-athletes progress through the course of the semester. Should a student-athlete begin to struggle in a class, the professional staff intervenes and helps the individual through the learning process by identifying the problem and assisting in organizing tutorials and study hall sessions to help the student better understand class material and improve their study skills.

Staff of the Center for Student-Athlete Enhancement as well as Marist's National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Faculty Representative Dr. John Ritschdorff, help the student-athletes to prioritize their time so as not to be overwhelmed by the adjustment to college life. They provide assistance in helping the student-athlete to balance the rigors of academic and athletic demands. "Marist wants its student-athletes to have as complete a collegiate experience as possible," said Ritschdorff. "We want each student-athlete to walk away from Marist having not just taken classes and competed but having experienced campus life as a whole."

Marist Vice President of Student Affairs, Deb DiCaprio, is an avid supporter of the Athletics-Academic Advisement Program. DiCaprio sees each participant, at whatever level of competition, as a student-athlete, a person who is first and foremost a student, but who also extends and heightens his or her undergraduate experience through personal fitness and team dedication.

New Library Resource

Need assistance with a paper? Having trouble with research? Need to schedule an appointment? Check out this helpful site on the library page set up for student-athlete and their needs. 

If you need further help with research assignments, contact librarian Elizabeth Clarke.


The Center for Student-Athlete Enhancement is now offering proofreading.

Pete Colaizzo, Writing Specialist, will be available by appointment. You can contact him on his cell at 845-309-3640 or by email at

In addition to his coaching responsibilities at Marist College, Colaizzo works in the Student-Athlete Enhancement Center as a Writing Skills Specialist, assisting Red Fox student-athletes with their academic course work throughout the semester. He is also an adjunct instructor at Marist. Colaizzo is a freelance writer whose work regularly appears in the Poughkeepsie Journal, where he worked full-time for 24 years. His writing has been honored by the New York State Associated Press and in Best of Gannett competitions.


Tutoring is available and free of charge to all Marist student-athletes. Tutors assist students with course material, study skills, etc. Tutors are typically available for all general education subjects.

Study Hall

Any student-athlete falling at or below a 2.3 GPA will be required to complete 6 study hall hours per week. All hours must be completed in the Center for Student-Athlete Enhancement. This time is to be used for academic purposes only!


APA and MLA Formatting Resources