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Center for Student-Athlete Enhancement (CSAE)

Mission Statement

The mission of The Student-Athlete Enhancement Center is to provide academic advising, tutoring, life skills development, and study facilities to the student-athlete population at Marist College. In addition the office monitors the academic progress and NCAA eligibility of each student-athlete. The Student-Athlete Enhancement Center is committed to providing student-athletes with academic support services that will not only assist them during their time at Marist, but also allow them to develop the skills necessary to be successful after their playing careers are complete.

Intercollegiate competition is a rewarding extracurricular activity that can add a special dimension to a student's life. 
The student-athlete at Marist can utilize its academic support programs, with the Center for Student-Athlete Enhancement staff helping to ensure that student-athletes successfully balance their commitment of academics and athletics. 

Director for Student-Athlete Enhancement, Alyssa Gates and her staff provide student-athletes with academic support through various means, including academic advisors, tutors, and study facilities, which help the student-athlete to not only be successful in the classroom but also prepare them to be successful long after their playing careers are complete.

"I most enjoy the daily interaction with the student-athletes," says Gates. "Our program helps the athletes help themselves. One of the most rewarding parts of the job is to watch them develop the necessary skills to allow them to succeed both in and out of the classroom." 

Gates and her staff play a vital role in the student-athlete's career at Marist from the time that each person steps on the Hudson River Campus until each student walks at commencement, both in and out of the classroom.

The Center for Student-Athlete Enhancement provides the Marist student-athletes with a venue in which to pursue academic and life skills. The center provides 21 computers with access to research databases, as well as word processing programs. Students also have access to a group-study conference room, and an individual tutorial room in which to study.


The Center for Student-Athlete Enhancement's monthly newsletter is a compilation of events and announcements for student-athletes, coaches, and athletics administrators. Monthly issues will contain an overview of recent community service initiatives, announcements regarding academics, study hall, scholarships & awards, and career development opportunities.

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