Center for Student-Athlete Enhancement

Student-Athlete Affairs Program

The mission of the NCAA Student-Athlete Affairs Program is “to maintain intercollegiate athletics as an integral part of the campus educational program and the athlete as an integral part of the student body.” With this in mind the program designates five areas of student development on which to focus: academic excellence, athletic excellence, personal development, career development, and community service. The results of the needs assessment item assisted in determining the goals of the Marist Red Fox Student-Athlete Affairs Program and the developmental needs of our student-athlete body. The 2001-02 academic year marked the start of the Student-Athlete Affairs Program (formerly CHAMPS/Life Skills Program), which incorporated continued Red Fox traditions as well as new resources for all student-athletes to access.

For Further information about the Student-Athlete Affairs Program at Marist and ways that we can assist you, feel free to contact Ali Kenney, Assistant Director of Student-Athlete Enhancement at ext. 6302 or