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Ladies Empowering Athletics Program (LEAP)

A female leadership program that exposes Marist College female student-athletes to opportunities that will enhance personal growth, professional development and empowerment. The mission of LEAP is to increase the awareness of leadership opportunities for all female student-athletes at Marist. Furthermore, LEAP provides social, cultural and educational opportunities for Marist female student-athletes, and forms a network amongst its members. Members of LEAP leadership council oversee the coordination of all leadership and social events sponsored by the program. They also have the ability to create special committees to further develop the program, and publicize program events to the entire female student-athlete population. The LEAP Council consists of current female student-athletes representing various sports and meetings occur at the beginning of each month where upcoming programming, service projects and workshops are discussed and voted on. Events and programming include, but are not limited to: Girl Scouts Clinic, Career Networking Event, various community service events and guest speakers from the campus and local community. An important piece of LEAP programming is the collaborations made among campus administrators and outside sources. LEAP meetings and events are open to all female student-athletes and are announced via email and social media. 


The Student-Athlete Affairs program enhances the life of student-athletes through educational resources in the form of seminars, workshops, and guest speakers in conjunction with the Marist College community. Specific topics addressed in these sessions include study skills, test-taking strategies, note-taking, time-management, diversity, anxiety/stress management, career planning, building self-esteem, being role models, drug and alcohol use, nutrition, and gender violence. Participation in these programs may be mandated by the Director and Assistant Director of Student-Athlete Enhancement.