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Become a Student Conduct Panel Member

What is a Student Conduct Panel?

In certain circumstances defined in the Code of Student Conduct, the Office of Student Conduct may utilize a hearing panel as a formal hearing process for students. The College Hearing Panel is designated to hear and resolve cases of non-academic misconduct and the Academic Integrity Panel is designated to hear and resolve cases of academic dishonesty. Panels determine if a responding party violated the Code of Student Conduct and impose sanctions, when appropriate.

Who are Hearing Panel Members?

Hearing Panel members are a select group of faculty and staff who volunteer to serve on a conduct panel for the Office of Student Conduct. The composition of a College Hearing Panel consists of 1 – 5 members drawn from a trained pool of faculty and staff. The Academic Integrity Panel consists of 3 members drawn from a trained pool, with at least 2 full-time faculty members on a panel. All who are selected to serve receive specialized training on the College's conduct system, the hearing process, and sanctioning. Hearing Panel members are drawn from all schools and departments on campus. Panel members serve the Marist Community by promoting justice and fairness, upholding standards of conduct, and contributing to the development of responsible student behavior.

How do I become a Hearing Panel Member?

Please contact the Office of Student Conduct at if you are interested in becoming a member of the College Hearing Panel and/or the Academic Integrity Panel. Hearing panel selection takes place throughout the year and members wishing to serve on both panels will be cross-trained. All Hearing Panel members must:

  • Use discretion to recuse himself/herself in cases where the member may be prejudiced either for or against a student involved in the case Agree to keep all case information in strict confidence at all times
  • Conduct oneself in a trustworthy and professional manner to reflect the importance and seriousness of the hearing
  • Participate fully in the training process