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Emerging Leaders Workshops and Webcasts

Examples of recent Emerging Leaders Program workshops include:

In the Black:  Fox Finances to Keep You Out of the Red

Guest Speaker: Philip LaRocco, CPA, CFP, Professional Lecturer, School of Management, Marist College.

We constantly hear horror stories about college students and debt. From FICO scores to funding your dreams, this popular and informative workshop helps participants learn about early financial investment and how to avoid common foxholes while gaining skills in budget development, management and administration. The information you come away with can be applied to college organizations, internship experiences, employment settings and your own bottom line.


It’s All Greek to Me:  Ancient Wisdom in the Modern Age

Guest Speaker:  James Snyder, Honors Program Director and Associate Professor of Philosophy, School of Liberal Arts, Marist College.

Difficult, messy, and stressful situations are an unavoidable part of our lives that leaders must navigate. Oftentimes when analyzing important decisions we focus on the outcomes of specific actions, measuring their success or failure. This talk explores a different framework that instead takes a character-based approach to leadership. It adopts a Virtue Ethics framework, adopted from Classical Greek antiquity, to shed some light on how we should best deal with difficult and stressful situations.


Life Skills for Leaders: Power Conversations

Guest Speaker: Dr. Elizabeth Quinn, Associate Professor, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Marist College.

This workshop packs a practical punch as participants learn to communicate more effectively.  In her popular Life Skills for Leaders workshops, Dr. Quinn will teach you techniques that get the results you want in your career, in your leadership roles and in your personal life.  Participants will learn how to push past passivity, ax the aggression, and master the principles of assertive communication.


Welcome to the Machine

Guest Speaker: Colin McCann, Associate Director of First Year Programs & Leadership Development and Adjunct Lecturer in Communication, Marist College.

Our embrace of technology has led to changes in our behavior. These changes are a hot topic in the dawn of the 21st century. Never before in recorded history has access to information and other human beings been so abundant nor seemingly so easy. This program examines the impact our technological dependency may have upon the manner (and quality) of our interactions. Proficiency in electronic communication, particularly through the Internet and social media, is now expected among young leaders. You will be asked to turn off devices for the duration of this event. The horror!


Be a Champion of Character

Telecast Speaker:   Thaddeus Bullard (aka Titus O'Neil), WWE wrestler, community activist, and retired football player.

Thaddeus Bullard is well known for his work in the ring, but also heavily involved in charity work with various nonprofit groups, helping hundreds of student-athletes get into college, leading corporate volunteers in reading books to children in after-school programs, and using his story to inspire people to volunteer.   Participants will learn how we all have the power to change someone's life, the importance of having respect for yourself and others, and why being kind impacts the world.


The Art of Troublemaking

Guest Speaker: Daniel Torres ‘13/’18M, Deputy Town Supervisor, New Paltz, New York.

From being elected to the School Board as a senior in high school, to helping college students earn the right to vote in their districts, and most recently proposing the legislation that made New Paltz safer for “dreamers,” Councilman Torres proudly wears the label of “trouble maker.”  Through story and strategy, this workshop addresses the power each of us have to appropriately seek social justice and shake up the status quo at any age. 


Do You Know Jack? 

Guest Speaker: Keryl Pesce, Author, Entrepreneur, Radio Host, and Motivational Speaker.

Those who subscribe to the passive belief that life happens to us don't know Jack. The fact is the story of Jack who believed in his magic beans and became rich is much closer to the truth. In this workshop, the inimitably Keryl Pesce, happiness expert and co-host of "The Happy Hour," will show you the science and methods behind manifesting happiness, wealth, and opportunity.



Guest Speakers:  Dr. Crystal Brandow, Senior Project Associate, Policy Research Associates, Albany New York, and Jasmin Brandow, Co-Founder “HumanKind” Workshops, Brooklyn, New York.

In honor of Black History, The Center for Multicultural Affairs (CMA), in collaboration with the ELP, proudly presents an interactive conversation about the past, present, and future of people of color in America.  This is NOT a class lecture, but an EXPERIENCE designed for the Marist community.  Come ready to learn, share, and engage around topics related to identity and culture.  Special guests, Crystal L. Brandow, PhD, and Jasmin S. Brandow, MA, will guide conversation and activities for this inclusive event. 


Transitional Leadership

Guest Speakers:  Melissa Lulay, Assistant Director, Office of First Year Programs & Leadership Development, Marist College, and Jennifer Unterbrink, Assistant Director, Student Activities, Marist College.

Melissa Lulay and Jennifer Unterbrink have presented multiple workshops on maximizing transitional moments in our adult lives at major National conferences in higher education. Whether you are contemplating a semester abroad, planning a summer experience, or facing the “real world” after college, leaders will learn how to tackle the sometimes tricky transitions life throws at us while discovering they are not alone in this process.


The New Rules of Work

Telecast Speaker:  Kathryn Minshew, Entrepreneur, CEO and Co-Founder of The Muse.

At age 27, Kathryn Minshew co-founded The Muse, a career platform that has helped over 50 million people a year as they seek career satisfaction rather than just the next job.  Minshew strives to “make work more human.” In addition to advocating for The Muse, Kathryn is a sought after voice on topics such as entrepreneurship, fundraising, leadership, management, building company culture, and making work more human, and she has appeared on CNN, Bloomberg Television, NBC, FOX, and The TODAY Show, and also contributed to the Wall Street Journal and Harvard Business Review.  Participants will hear Kathryn’s advice on:  navigating through the new world of work; discussing the new rules for finding the right path, strategizing the new rules for landing the perfect job; and understanding the new rules for growing and advancing your career. 


The Sum of Our Parts Makes the Whole Difference

Guest Speakers: The Marist College Emerging Leaders Program Student Executive Board.

Being selected as a leader to lead the leaders by sitting on a student executive board creates unique group dynamics.  What’s it like when leaders work together to lead other leaders in their leadership development?  The short answer is that by following a purposeful path we are better together.  This workshop, developed and presented in its entirety by members of the Marist College Emerging Leaders Student Executive Board, provides a glimpse of ELP life behind the scenes, while giving aspiring leaders an interactive opportunity to learn more about group dynamics.


From the Classroom to the Boardroom:  Memoirs of A Student Leader 

Guest Speaker:  Michael Johnson ‘13/’17M, Author, Board Member, Montville Township Board of Education; Vice President, Kiwanis Club of Montville, NJ; and Paralegal, Dewey Pegno & Kramarsky LLP.

As a shy high school senior from Montvale, New Jersey, Mike Johnson arrived at college ready for transformation. He set his sights on the highest office possible: SGA President, an election he didn’t win. However, over the course of his time at Marist, Mike did more than find his place in the Red Fox Den.  His experiences in serving in SGA and on the Executive Board of the Emerging Leaders Program helped shape him as a person in ways that continue to impact his career.  This workshop highlights his journey to become a student leader discussing how these critical college experiences helped bring him from the classroom to the boardroom.


Be Your Best from the Inside Out: Ethics and Leadership  

Guest Speaker:  Dr. Joanne Gavin, Associate Dean and Professor, Marist College School of Management.

Leadership, especially ethical leadership, stems directly from an individual's decision-making skills. The ability to assess a situation, develop alternatives and choose the solution is deeply rooted in our cognitive moral development. Participants will assess their own developmental level and discuss the implications on personal decision-making abilities.


Overcoming Adversity as a Path to Leadership

Guest Speaker:  Dr. James Phillips, Associate Dean, Marist College School of Management.

Leadership at its core requires an ability to address the natural conflicts that arise around the inevitable issues of change.  Knowing who you are, how you lead and how to navigate the obstacles presented by your own style are all necessary elements for plotting the path that leads to a successful outcome.  Participants in this interactive and yet introspective workshop will learn more about their own style, the art of critical listening, and useful techniques for managing the pushback that change makers face.


Finish First:  Winning Changes Everything

Telecast Speaker: Scott Hamilton, Olympic champion, television broadcaster, philanthropist, author and motivational speaker.

An Olympic Champion, television broadcaster, philanthropist, author, motivational speaker, cancer survivor and eternal optimist, Scott Hamilton is the most recognized male figure skater in the world and a living example that “good guys” can finish first.  Participants in this final event of the semester will hear Hamilton’s theories on why we should stop settling for mediocrity, encourage our hidden potential, and use competition to achieve personal excellence.


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