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Japan, Tokyo - Temple University

Venture around the city in Japan where the past and present mingle together while studying an array of subjects geared toward Asian studies.


Tokyo is regarded at the forefront of innovation and a cosmopolitan capital. The city is where ancient customs coexist with the most modern advancements. Every center in the city is vibrant and has characteristics specific to only that area. Getting around Tokyo is rather easy using the subway and train stations. The city is filled with Japanese and international eateries so students can find almost anything they desire to eat.


Temple University: Japan Campus is truly an international experience because only 50% of the students are from Japan, the rest of the students consist of citizens from over 60 countries. The campus is located in central Tokyo in the districts of Minami Azabu and Mita. The classrooms are equipped with smart technology, internet, a visual arts studio, student lounges, and a computer lab.


Students enroll alongside TUJ students in English-taught courses. Participants live in on-campus housing or homestays. Additionally, students have the option to pursue internship and volunteer opportunities.

Students must enroll a minimum of 12 credits, with 17 being the maximum, and are strongly encouraged to take a Japanese studies foundation course and a Japanese language course. Other courses can be chosen from these disciplines: Art, Asian Studies, International Business Studies and Economics, Communications, and Asian Languages. A special architecture program is offered during the spring semester. Internships are offered for credit. For a three credit internship, students must work 140 hours, which is about 10 to 20 hours per week.  Students are placed at different multinational organizations, NGOs, and embassies in the Tokyo area.

Student Life & Co-Curricular

TUJ offers numerous student organizations to help get participants involved in campus life and meet Japanese students.  The University holds optional field trips and excursions each semester, including visits to Japanese festivals, museums, sporting events, and other cultural outings.  TUJ organizes day trips and overnight trips to Kyoto, Kamakura, Yokohama, Nikko, Hakone, and Sapporo; however, students are responsible for travel, meals, and lodging costs. The campus’ Culture Exchange Program and Community Engagement also allow students to interact with Japanese and international students and immerse in the culture.


Housing is provided in select buildings across Tokyo equipped with air conditioning, kitchen and laundry facilities, and internet. Basic furnishings, linens, dishes, and kitchen utensils are provided. Students may also choose the homestay option, which is encouraged for those who have prior study of Japanese language. Housing facilities are about a 50 minute commute by public transportation.

Program Cost           

The program fee includes tuition (12-16 credits), accommodation, program orientation, scheduled academic excursions, and international health insurance. The program cost is based on full-time semester tuition and on-campus Marist housing. Students receive a detailed cost sheet once they have been admitted to the Marist Abroad Program.

Admission Criteria

  • Minimum 2.8 cumulative GPA at the time of application
  • Sophomore standing or higher at the time of study abroad
  • Academic Advisor approval of program and coursework

How to Apply

Enrollment is limited, and applicants are encouraged to apply early. Click here for more Information on the Marist Abroad application process.

Additional Information

If you have any additional questions about the program contact the Program Coordinator at

Please click here for additional information on the program.