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The following are Marist-approved programs.

Image of Africa header.
IES: Rabat - IES Abroad Center - (2.75 GPA)
SIT: Morocco - Field Studies in Journalism and New Media - (2.5 GPA)
SIT: Senegal - Global Security and Religious Pluralism - (2.5 GPA)
CIEE: Cape Town - Multiple Programs - (2.5 to 3.0 GPA)
SIT: South Africa - International Relations in the Global South - (2.5 GPA)
SIT: Tanzania - Wildlife Conservation and Political Ecology - (2.5 GPA)
Image of a study abroad banner of The Americas.
API: Buenos Aires - Argentine and Latin American Studies - (2.5 GPA)
SIT: Buenos Aires - Social Movements and Human Rights - (2.5 GPA)
SIT: Santiago - Comparative Education and Social Change - (2.5 GPA)
SFS: Atenas - Sustainable Development Studies - (2.8 GPA)
API: San Joaquin de Flores - Multiple Programs - (3.0 GPA)
API: San Jose - Multiple Programs - (2.6 GPA)
CIEE: Santiago de los Caballeros - Liberal Arts - (2.5 GPA)

Image of study abroad header for Asia and the Pacific.

Marist ASAP: Asia Study Abroad Program - (2.5 GPA)
SIT: Australia - Sustainability and Environmental Action - (2.5 GPA)
Deakin University - (2.6 GPA)
KEI: Griffith University - (2.5 GPA)
Macquarie University - (3.25 GPA)
KEI: Pune - Symbiosis International University - (2.5 GPA)
Akita International University Exchange Program - (2.5 GPA)
Temple University: Tokyo Semester Abroad (internship opportunities available) - (2.75 GPA)
CIEE: Seoul - Yonsei University Arts and Sciences - (2.5 GPA)
IES: Auckland - University of Auckland - (3.0 GPA)
University of Canterbury - (2.8 GPA)
SIT: Samoa - Pacific Communities and Social Change - (2.5 GPA)
SEA Semester: Climate and Society - (3.0 GPA)
KEI: Thailand - Mahidol University International College (MUIC) - (2.5 GPA)

Image of study abroad banner for Europe.

IES: Vienna - Multiple Programs (internship opportunities available) - (2.75 GPA)
CEA CAPA: Prague - Multiple Programs (internship opportunities available) - (2.7 GPA)
CIEE: Prague - Multiple Programs - (2.5 GPA)
Aston Business School Exchange Program - (3.0 GPA)
University of Kent at Canterbury Exchange Program in Biological Sciences - (3.0 GPA)
FIE: London - Study & Internship Program (internship opportunities available) - (2.5 GPA)
KEI: London - London South Bank University (internship opportunities available) - (2.5 GPA)
CEA CAPA: Aix-en-Provence - Liberal Arts & Business - (2.5 GPA)
CEA CAPA: French Riviera - Business, Communications & Liberal Arts- (2.5 GPA)
API: Grenoble - Intensive French Language Studies in the French Alps - (2.5 GPA)
CEA CAPA: Paris - Multiple Programs (internship opportunities available) - (2.5 to 2.75 GPA) 
CEA CAPA: Paris - Paris Fashion Program - (2.5 GPA)
IES: Berlin - Multiple Programs (internship opportunities available) - (2.75 GPA)
Reutlingen University Business Exchange Program - (2.8 GPA)
Budapest Semesters in Mathematics - (3.5 GPA) (Mathematics majors only)
CEA CAPA: Budapest - Social Science - (2.6 GPA) 


University College Cork - (3.0 GPA)
ILA: Dublin - Multiple Programs (internship opportunities available) - (2.5 to 3.0 GPA)
FIE: Dublin - Dublin Business School Study & Internship (internship opportunities available) - (2.75 GPA)
KEI: Dublin - Griffith College - (2.5 GPA)
API: Galway – Full Curriculum in National University of Ireland- (3.0 GPA)


Marist Italy: Florence - Lorenzo de Medici Institute (LdM) - (2.8 GPA)
Marist Italy: Two Italies Program - Lorenzo de Medici Institute (LdM) - (2.8 GPA)
Marist Italy: Tuscania - Lorenzo de Medici Insitute (LdM) - (2.8 GPA)
API: Krakow – Multidisciplinary Studies- (2.5 GPA)
API: Lisbon - Business, Humanities, and Social Sciences - (2.5 GPA)
University of St. Andrews - (3.2 GPA)

Marist Madrid: Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) - Spanish track - (internship opportunities available) - (3.0 GPA)
Marist Madrid: Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) - English track - (internship opportunities available) - (3.0 GPA)

Image of multi-country study abroad banner.

SIT: Multi-Country - Climate Change: The Politics of Food, Water, and Energy - (2.5 GPA)



Program Petition Process

Can’t find your desired study abroad destination or program? Follow instructions in the Program Petition Process to request review of a program not currently on the Marist Abroad list of pre-approved programs above.



Semester & Academic Year Abroad Application Notes

  • All applicants MUST have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.50 at the time of application.
  • Higher GPAs are required for many programs. Minimum GPA requirements for specific programs are noted in the list of approved programs (below).  Participants must maintain minimum GPA requirements up to departure. Click on the individual programs listed below for links to additional information, including program descriptions, lists of courses typically offered, minimum GPA and admission requirements, student life information, etc.
  • You must first apply and be accepted to participate in Marist Abroad PRIOR TO completing an abroad institution's application.
  • Additional information is offered each semester at the Marist Abroad Study Abroad Fair and at Information Sessions.
  • Conditional admission to programs is on a space-available basis, and students are encouraged to apply early to help secure a spot on the program. If the number of completed applications exceeds the capacity of the program before the deadline the application will be closed, we will contact affected students to discuss their second-choice program or their placement on a waitlist.