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New Zealand, Christchurch - University of Canterbury

Study in a city partaking in a transformation while exploring the cultural heritage of New Zealand.


Christchurch is a city in the process of a revival. The transformation has begun to enhance the creativity and innovation that laid awaiting. The city has a temperate climate and local snowfall during the winter, so residents are able to venture out to the mountains for skiing or snowboarding.


From its founding in 1873, the University of Canterbury (UC) is the second oldest university in New Zealand. After departing the original neo-gothic styled campus and relocating to the suburbs of Ilam in 1945, the university has rapidly grown. UC is composed of around 14,000 students that come from 80 different countries--the campus is very diverse.


The study abroad program at New Zealand’s University of Canterbury in Christchurch is a great fit for students of all academic backgrounds. There are six colleges—Arts, Business and Economics, Engineering, Science, Education, and the School of Law—as well as over fifty Academic Departments, Schools, and Programs. Students are able to live amongst the Kiwis but also engage with students across the globe and learn about an array of cultures.

Students will find that over 85 subjects are offered at the University of Canterbury with a very diverse range. Some of the most diverse subjects are those such as Antarctic Studies, Fire Engineering, Maori Indigenous Studies, and even Forestry Science. The university also provides students with the ability to partake in an accredited internship. Courses are evaluated in terms of points instead of credits. Each course’s point value varies; however, most are 15 points. It is recommended for students to take a total of 60 points, which is about three or four courses.

Student Life & Co-Curricular

The University of Canterbury has a vibrant student community that is enhance by the numerous clubs and festivals on campus. With over 130 clubs on campus, students are sure to find an activity that they fancy. Canterbury in itself is a place buzzing with adventure. Students can partake in hiking and biking or visit the beach for a nice surf. The city is filled with restaurants, museums, shopping centers, parks, nightlife, and much more.


Students are able to choose between a homestay, residence hall or apartment for their time in Christchurch. The University of Canterbury offers a variety of homes for the homestay option, from families with children to single people living alone. Students are provided with a fully furnished room, three meals per day, bathroom and laundry facilities, and power and telephone rental. The University has six halls of residence with fully-furnished single rooms, computer facilities with University network and internet access, social and recreation facilities, and study rooms.  Bishop Julius Hall, College House, Rochester and Rutherford Hall, and University Hall all provide three meals per day.  The University of Canterbury also offers semi-catered  and self-catered apartments.  Students may also choose to rent their own house or flat privately.

Program Cost           

The program fee includes tuition (12-16 credits), accommodation, program orientation, scheduled academic excursions, and international health insurance. The program cost is based on full-time semester tuition and on-campus Marist housing. Students receive a detailed cost sheet once they have been admitted to the Marist Abroad Program.

Admission Criteria

  • Minimum 2.8 cumulative GPA at the time of application
  • Sophomore standing or higher at the time of study abroad
  • Academic Advisor approval of program and coursework

How to Apply

Enrollment is limited, and applicants are encouraged to apply early. Click here for more Information on the Marist Abroad application process.

Additional Information

If you have any additional questions about the program contact the Program Coordinator at

Please click here for additional information on the program.