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Thailand, Bangkok - KEI: Thailand - Mahidol University International College (MUIC)

Study in the vibrant capital of Thailand while immersing yourself in the historic culture of a nation.


Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, is the only cosmopolitan city in the entire country. In 1971, two municipalities, Krung Thep and Thon Buri, were united to form what is now Bangkok. The climate of Bangkok is rather warm year round. Getting around town is rather cheap--a taxi costs around $2-3 and a bus ride ranges from $0.10 to $0.50. Bangkok is known for its’ vibrant nightlife and bustling activities.


Mahidol University (MU) is the oldest higher learning institute in Thailand and was founded in 1889. Initially, the university was a medical school but has grown over the years to accommodate a vast array of majors. The Mahidol University International College offers classes for international students with courses in English. MU has an enrollment of 32,000 students with 1,800 of them being from 45 different countries. MUIC has an enrollment of 3,000 students.


Students will engage in the rich culture of Thailand through one of the most prominent cities, Bangkok. Qualified students can partake in internships and volunteer opportunities around Bangkok. KEI provides multiple excursions throughout the trimester. Courses are taught in English.

Students are able to enroll in up to 20 credits a trimester in a wide range of subjects. Courses are listed as 4 trimester credits. One course must be filled with either the Thai Society and Culture or the Introduction to Thai History class. Internship opportunities are available for qualified students.

Student Life and Co-curricular

Bangkok is a city filled with entertainment and recreational opportunity. The city is filled with historic sites, beaches, cafes, nightclubs, and much more. The MUIC Student Association provides students with the opportunity to join several campus clubs such as debate, Karate-Do, and photography. KEI also organizes activities and fieldtrips for program participants to locations such as Ayutthaya, Ko-Samet Island, and northern Thailand.


Students will reside in MUIC housing with other international students. Bedrooms are double-occupancy with an en-suite bathroom. The residences have air conditioning and laundry facilities. Students are able to purchase food from the cafeterias and cafes on campus or the surrounding area.

Program Cost           

The program fee includes tuition (12-16 credits), accommodation, program orientation, scheduled academic excursions, and international health insurance. The program cost is based on full-time semester tuition and on-campus Marist housing. Students receive a detailed cost sheet once they have been admitted to the Marist Abroad Program.

Admission Criteria

  • Minimum 2.8 cumulative GPA at the time of application
  • Sophomore standing or higher at the time of study abroad
  • Academic Advisor approval of program and coursework

How to Apply and Get More Information

Enrollment is limited, and applicants are encouraged to apply early. Click here for more information on the Marist Abroad application process.

If you have any additional questions about the program contact the Program Coordinator at

Please click here for additional information on the program.