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All Marist faculty and staff are required to complete Title IX/sexual harassment training each year.

The TIX Coordinator, investigators, decision-makers (both hearing officers and appeals officers), and informal resolution facilitators also receive additional training in topics including: the new definition of sexual harassment; the scope of the institution’s education programs where the Title IX policy applies; how to conduct an investigation; the grievance process including hearings, appeals, and informal resolution; and how to serve impartially to avoid bias and conflicts of interest.  Training is offered through the SUNY Student Conduct System:

Incoming students are required to complete training as part of their orientation process at the College. In addition, in accordance with New York State’s Enough is Enough Law, all student athletes, student club/organization leaders, and Greek Life members are also required to complete this training annually. All students are encouraged to complete training.

The Title IX Office also regularly provides education materials to the Housing Office and helps Marist’s resident assistants (RAs) develop Title IX-related programming for their residents.

All on-campus Title IX events will be posted on our Instagram page: @marist_title_ix

Students can access the link to their Title IX Training website on their myMarist portal.

Faculty and staff can access the link to their Title IX Training website on the myMarist Human Resources page.