The Impact of Giving: It's Personal and Powerful

Michelle Eggink, Assistant Director of Content Marketing & Communications
Students in Marist Rotunda. Photo by Nelson Echeverria/Marist College.

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March 19, 2024 — Get ready to make history, Red Foxes! As Marist's first-ever Day of Giving approaches on Wednesday, March 20, our community is filled with gratitude and excitement. From scholarships that pave the way for bright futures to campus enhancements that fuel exploration and life-long community, every dollar given counts.

Read about Red Foxes who have been directly impacted by giving, as they share the transformative power of supporting Marist and express why coming together has such a big impact.

Image of Chelsea Venters in Rotunda.

Photo by Nelson Echeverria/Marist College.

“Support from the Marist community has allowed me to excel in my studies and make long-lasting meaningful friendships. Many helpful services on campus are funded directly through this support and have been crucial to my success, such as career and tutoring services. I have been able to experience how wonderful Marist is through access to scholarships funded by alumni. Myself and other students can be here because of this generosity. The support does not go unnoticed.”
-Chelsea Venters '25

Image of Christopher Price.

Photo courtesy of Marist Advancement.

“I am thrilled to be part of this inaugural event! Marist is undergoing a transformative period, evolving from a respected regional institution to a national and international powerhouse. To achieve the ambitious goals of Marist 100, it's imperative that the entire Marist community and its partners unite, striving not just to meet but to exceed expectations."
-Christopher Price '02

Image of Miguel Rojas.

Photo by Nelson Echeverria/Marist College.

“My being able to stay and finish my degree at Marist is because of donor support. Without Marist's generous financial aid packages, I would have had to move back home at the end of my first year. Marist has become a second home to me, and leaving was not something I was prepared to do. Thanks to Marist donors, I will be able to walk the stage on the green next year!”
- Miguel Rojas '25

Image of alum Julie.

Photo courtesy of Julie Lavin '09.

“Marist has such a special place in my heart and forever will, so to be able to celebrate Marist across the country all on the same day and give back to the institution that brought me so much joy and so many lasting and meaningful connections and lifetime friendships is a true honor. Alumni should come out and celebrate to give back to their home away from home. We were lucky to have the alumni before us give back to Marist and those funds helped enrich our time while there as students. Whether it went toward a new project or program or for new furniture somewhere on campus, every dollar counted and made a difference in our time at Marist!”
- Julie Lavin '09

Image of Lizzie Baumgardner.

Photo by Nelson Echeverria/Marist College.

“Donor support is seen throughout the College by respective departments to the renovations of the campus that allow students to explore their various interests and further their careers. However, I think what best represents the positive effects of donor support are the connections students make while they are here at the school. Without their support, I might not have been able to meet some of my best friends, make so many long-lasting memories, and do so many cool things! I am grateful to know that, even beyond the campus here at Marist, there are still people willing to give back to a place that has given me so much.”
-Lizzie Baumgardner '24

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