Riverside Ride Fest Brings Unique Student-Run Cycling Fundraiser to Campus

Anthony Proia, Director of Media Relations
Photo by Zachary Gawron/Marist College.

April 16, 2024 — Next week, the Marist community will turn Longview Park into Mount Everest for a unique and fun fundraising event. On Tuesday, April 23, a group of six cyclists will embark on a challenging journey to pedal the height of Everest as a team. 

The event, called 'Riverside Ride Fest,' involves cyclists repeatedly ascending the riverfront hill until they reach 8,848 meters (29,029 feet), symbolizing the elevation of Everest—an arduous activity known as "Everesting." While the bike riding serves as the centerpiece of the event, it will be part of a larger festival complete with food, music and games along the river for the entire Marist community and is being organized by a group of students participating in a special topics class this semester on event management.

The riders will include President Kevin Weinman, along with faculty members Dr. Nick Marshall, Dr. Johnny Galbraith, Dr. Henry Pratt and students Alex Weinman '25M and Matt Pater '25.

Image of Dr. Nick Marshall, one of the cyclists in the Riverside Ride Fest.
Dr. Nick Marshall, one of the cyclists in the Riverside Ride Fest. Photo by Nelson Echeverria/Marist College.

The fundraiser is a student-run production, organized by Dr. Eileen Curley's spring semester special topics class on event management and is the first of its kind at Marist. Dr. Curley is a professor in English and Director of the Theatre Program.

“This experiential class provides students with practical exposure to all facets of live entertainment event management,” explained Dr. Curley. “Riverside Ride Fest, being both a sporting event and an outdoor festival, requires them to consider elements uncommon in theatre, including weather, sporting regulations, participant requirements, and outdoor wildlife, while also fostering a festive atmosphere to attract the community to the riverfront.”

“This event will be a nice break from school to enjoy food, lawn games, and cycling,” said Jadyn Lance '24, a communications major who is serving as a PR coordinator for the event. “Hopefully this can be a new Marist tradition that our community can continue so all of the hardworking faculty, staff, and students can enjoy an afternoon of fun!”

The Riverside Ride Fest will take place from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. on April 23 in Longview Park, along the Hudson River. There will be food and activities, and all are welcome! In the case of inclement weather, the makeup date would be April 30.

“I’m really excited to be part of this event!” Kat Babija '24, a psychology major who is serving as a PR coordinator for the event. “I think it’s an engaging and creative way to bring Marist students together to support their President and enjoy the spring weather.” 

“Everesting” to Benefit Presidential Fund for Equity in Marist Experience

The event is aimed to benefit the Presidential Fund for Equity in the Marist Experience, a fund founded by President Weinman and his wife Beth. Where scholarships and financial aid focus on helping with tuition costs, the Presidential Fund fills gaps for undergraduates whose financial constraints are a barrier to their full participation in the Marist experience, with a current focus on internships and courses that conclude with a travel experience.

Attendees at the event, as well as those who wish to donate online, can contribute here.

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