Leading a Global Business Through an Information Systems Masters

Becoming a Leader in the Global Business World

Leading a Global Business through an Information Technology MastersLeading a global business through an Information Technology Master’s relies on having the right skill set for the job. The MSIS degree program gives students a well-rounded knowledge base that goes far beyond technology systems. Students are also taught finance and marketing foundations necessary for success in the business world. It is this business education that allows students to ascend the corporate ladder and assume management positions within Information Technology. 

For those interested in leading a global business through an Information Systems Master’s, Marist offers a 100% online degree program. Heralded as one of the top online programs in the nation, the Marist MSIS online degree allows students to experience the same educational opportunities as their on-campus peers, from the comfort of their own homes. Becoming a leader in the global business world has never been more convenient.

Technology now gives businesses greater reach and flexibility within the global marketplace, and it is those who are able to harness this technology that will be poised to lead global businesses. The Marist Master’s of Information Systems (MSIS) will give you the skills and knowledge to become a leader for your global business.

In the world of technology, the only constant is change. The MSIS degree program immerses students in IT and technology. While learning from top faculty in the world of IT, MSIS students gain the technical skills to become a leader in the global business world. With courses like Systems & Information Concepts, Data Management, Information Analysis, Computer Concepts & Software Systems, Web Technologies, and more, students are educated on the most advanced technological systems. This wide range of course offerings ensures students graduate with an intimate knowledge of the most important business technology.

The Marist MSIS degree program will give you the skills, knowledge, and ability to become a fundamental change agent for your organization’s technology department. You’ll have a better understanding of not only technology, but also its place within business, and how it can best be applied. Contact a Marist representative today to begin your journey to global success.



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