Technology’s Influence on Business

How Technology is Changing the Business World

Technology is considered an innovative force in industries, offering new tools for professional businesses to implement and maintain state-of-the-art operations. Technologies influence business by providing new opportunities for growth at faster rates. Increasingly, companies are seen switching to mobile sites and providing touch-screen options to name a few.

The Importance of Understanding Technology in the Business WorldCompetition has always been an important aspect of the business world, as companies compete for the top resources to increase positive consumer experience and, in turn, expand their business practices. In today’s society there is a heavy focus on being able to access your needs in as little time as possible. These two concepts are merging and show how technology is changing the business world. 

Providing the best experience for consumers begins with developing strong internal practices. The Masters of Science in Information Systems (MSIS) degree at Marist College prepares professional students for a technologically advanced workplace. Students of the Information and Technology Systems programs gain understanding in both computer science and business administration through practical applications. Students learn firsthand about technology’s influence on business through case studies and internships.

As technology continues to develop, professionals in computer science and business management have to develop skills that allow them to become innovators in their field by looking for new ways to increase efficiency and create stronger connections between businesses and customers. The MSIS program takes this one step further by challenging students to think critically when solving problems that may arise in the workforce.

Business industry professionals are looking for career-oriented students who have the capacity to handle an always changing environment. Technology is challenging the business world and therefore requiring that the professionals who work with newer technologies develop the most advanced skillsets along with it. If you’re already an IT professional but feeling overwhelmed by the changes you’ve seen take place in your business, consider a Marist MSIS graduate degree to expand your knowledge on technology systems and management.

Taking your professional experience one step further with a graduate degree in Information Technology may even allow you to become an innovator in the industry. The MSIS degree program focuses on using information technology to improve the performance of people and organizations. Two skill tracks are provided for a complete personalized degree program that’s right for you.

Contact Marist today to become a technology change agent in the business world, and learn how technology can influence business. 

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