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Industry professionals who know how to manage data are in high demand among multiple business industries and governments. Receive an Advanced Certificate in Business Analytics from Marist College and stay competitive in your field of employment. Learn how to access and manipulate data, apply analytical techniques to extract information, and use it to predict future trends and behavior patterns.

Make Data-Driven Decisions. Customize Your Curriculum of Business Analytics.

Marist's Business Analytics program incorporates two educational tracks: the Advanced Certificate of Business Analytics or the Business Analytics Concentration for those pursuing a Masters of Science in Information Systems.

Advanced Certificate of Business Analytics

Students of the Advanced Certificate in Business Analytics acquire hands-on experience with cutting-edge analytical methods and software tools, leveraging the use of information technology to help improve decision making. All courses taken in the certificate program are Graduate Information System courses and may be later applied to the Marist Master of Science in Information Systems (MSIS) program if the student wishes to pursue it.

Business Analytics Concentration

Marist College’s Master of Science in Information Systems Business Analytics Degree Track is designed to help professionals gain further expertise and knowledge in accessing and manipulating data. The Masters of Science in Information Systems (MSIS) with a Business Analytics Concentration career paths include:

  • Data Analyst/Architect
  • Database Administrator
  • Business Analyst
  • Data Science Specialist
  • Business Analytics Manager

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Become a Leader in Today’s Business World with Business Analytics

Students who complete the Advanced Certificate in Business Analytics will develop skills and expertise in the areas of Data Management, Decision Making, Statistical Data Analysis, Management Science, Online Analytical Processing, Business Performance Management, Machine Learning, Data Mining and Predictive Analytics. These factors are just some of the many vital components of today's business world.

Complete the Certificate in a Year, Fully Online

Students generally carry two courses per semester and take one year to complete the Advanced Certificate program. Additionally, courses are offered 100% online. The Advanced Certificate in Business Analytics is obtained upon satisfactory completion of the following four courses:

  • MSIS 537 Data Management
  • MSIS 545 Introduction to Data Analysis & Computational Statistics
  • MSIS 637 Decision Support Systems
  • MSIS 645 Data Mining & Predictive Analytics

Apply Your Knowledge of Business Analytics in an Ever-Growing Field

The field of business analytics has grown significantly over the last few years, providing business users with better insights from operational data stored in transactional systems. Business analytics stands today as one of the most strategically important fields in corporate information technology. Executives can now analyze sales trends and customer purchase patterns to improve their marketing strategies and better target customers with product offers and advertising.

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