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About Our Organization

Marist Ultimate Frisbee is a Co-ed Club sport. We play mixed (boys and girls) in the fall and transition to a separate more competitive season in the spring. Ultimate is an exciting, non-contact team sport played by thousands all over the world in Open, Mixed, and Women’s teams. Ultimate is a fast-paced game, demanding its players to develop throwing skills, stamina, and agility. Ultimate is the only IOC-recognized sport to be self-officiating and promote Spirit Of The Game (SOTG); this means players know the game and rules inside and out, understanding the meaning of fair play. As such there are no officials in Ultimate.

Ultimate is an intense sport but it is also very newcomer friendly. The 'Ultimate community' is something people often refer to and you can easily understand why, as the opportunity for beginners to get involved and get competitive at a fun level are widespread in lots of countries.

Many Ultimate players refer to their teams as their family, and in some cases, you spend almost as much time together as if they were. Our team certainly spends a great deal of time together. The rules you need to know in order to start are easy to pick up and our team cultivates a 'homegrown' attitude, meaning we’re happy to welcome you into the team and let our team members teach you as you play.

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Club Leadership

President: Riley Murphy, '25 and Nico Esposito, '24

Meeting Times

  • The men’s and women's teams each meet twice per week at Tenney Stadium and times vary based upon the facility schedule. 

Earn Priority Points through Clubs and Activities

To earn one (1) point: Members must attend a minimum of 50% of club/organization meetings for the semester and 50% of club/organization activities.

To earn two (2) points: Members must attend a minimum of 50% of club/organization meetings for the semester and 75% of club/organization activities PLUS the community service event.

To earn three (3) points (executive board only): Officers must attend 50% of club meetings for the semester and 100% of club activities including community service. If executive board members do not complete all of the requirements to earn three points, they will be eligible to receive up to two points based on the above criteria.

Additional Priority Point Criteria, specific to the Marist Ultimate Frisbee:

In order to receive full priority points, players must make it to a minimum of two practices a week and 2 tournaments a season. Team members are also expected to participate in at least one team bonding event hosted by a returning team member and one charitable event or team fundraiser set up by the captains/an event chair.

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