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Online Integrated Marketing Communication Graduate Program Class Structure

The course structure of the Integrated Marketing Communication program provides advanced graduate degree level courses in the ever-evolving integrated marketing field. The Integrated Marketing Communication course structure teaches students the development of consistent branding, marketing strategies and creative campaigns across both traditional and non-traditional marketing channels. IMC Marketing Master's degree program weaves together multiple marketing disciplines including, advertising, public relations, promotion, branding, and social media in order to execute the particular goals of the brand.

Through the Integrated Marketing Master's degree program students will gain a comprehensive understanding of the theory of consumer behavior and marketing segmentation strategies. By earning their Master's degree in Marketing through the IMC degree program students will be able to demonstrate strong research, analytical and strategic decision-making skills, as well as understand the concept of branding and the strategic importance of building brand equity.

All of the graduate-level marketing courses offered through the Integrated Marketing Master's degree are available 100% online. Our flexible online marketing master's degree curriculum allows students to earn their degree on their own time through our state-of-the-art iLearn online learning platform. Contact us to learn more about the courses in the Marist College online Integrated Marketing Communications Master's degree program.

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IMC Master's Degree Course Descriptions

Principles of Integrated Marketing Communication

COMI 500L Principles of Integrated Marketing Communication 

Learn the ever-changing concepts of Integrated Marketing Communications in a digital world. This IMC introductory course is designed to familiarize students with terminology, concepts, and strategies.

Advertising Management

COMI 600L Advertising Management

Gain knowledge on how advertising plays a role in marketing from a strategic point of view. IMC students will gain an understanding of the strategy behind developing an effective advertising campaign and analyze what exactly advertising is meant to do.

The Advertising Management graduate class teaches advertising using a strategic approach rather than simply a descriptive standpoint. Students will gain a comprehensive understanding of many of the major issues in advertising and marketing as well as how they fit into the entire Integrated Marketing Communication package.

Students enrolled in the online Advertising Management course will gain an in-depth understanding of consumer behavior, research, creative strategy, media strategy, campaign planning, and account management. In addition, students will learn how advertising ties into the many facets of the modern day Integrated Marketing Communications industry.

Public Relations Management

COMI 505L Public Relations Management

Develop an understanding of public relations in terms of strategic management. Students will gain real-life experience through the exploration of various communication theories, trends, and issues. Develop a comprehensive public relations plan, with an emphasis on the role of public relations in the IMC process that meets specific business and communication needs.

The Public Relations Management course is designed to give marketing graduate students a thorough understanding of public relations as a strategic function of marketing and brand management. 

Skills Gained Through IMC Public Relations Course

  • Analyze business and organizational objectives and translate them into strategic public relations plans of action.
  • Have a clear understanding of PR goals as well as the ability to articulate the role of public relations in the support and fulfillment of an organization's vision, mission, identity, and strategy.
  • Gain an accurate view of how public relations campaigns are approached from both the agency's and in-house point of view.


Social Media Strategies and Tactics

COMI 610L Social Media Strategies and Tactics

Focus on social media including the educational insights required to develop the objectives and strategies used to properly select social media platforms to engage consumers. IMC graduate students will also learn to effectively monitor and measure the results of these various social media marketing efforts.

Throughout the course, students will learn how to apply and share these important insights with marketing, sales, PR, advertising, customer support, and other functions and stakeholders. Students will learn about the various multidisciplinary implications and how to manage a successful social media presence for any organization, including techniques for gaining executive and client buy-in to achieve goals.

Lastly, through the Social Media Strategies and Tactics class students will gain insight into the impact social media efforts have on internal operations of an organization. Integrated Marketing Communication graduate students will also gain knowledge on the process of implementing social media technologies, redefining technology environments, workflow, collaboration, and management.

Brand Managment

COMI 605L Branding Management

Discover the importance a strong impact can have on purchasing decisions. With a concentration on brand equity, students will gain knowledge through readings, case studies, and a course project designed for practical application.

The basic approach in the Brand Management course will be to blend the theory and practice of product marketing and brand management in a comfortable, supportive environment that promotes active learning. The class is presented and reinforced through readings, case studies, and a branding management project for practical application and experiential learning.

Branding is both an art and a science. Thus, few branding situations have a definitive unqualified answer as to the "best" marketing programs. The interaction of customer, company (capabilities) and competitors (alternatives) are important considerations in branding. Many marketing and brand management theories covered will be from a consumer behavior perspective.

Analytical Tools for Decision Making

MBA 535N Analytical Tools for Decision Making

Explore analytical tools designed to provide marketing graduate students with an understanding of key methods and tools of marketing analysis. IMC students are provided with an understanding of statistical analysis, testing, and comparison marketing analysis. This foundational course allows students to explore the key statistical methods used to analyze marketing data in support of business marketing decisions.

Communication and marketing analysis tools and topics covered include descriptive statistics, continuous and discrete distributions, sampling and inference, comparisons, hypothesis testing, and regression, in addition to more advanced methods selected by the instructor.

Global Consumer Insights

COMI 615L Global Consumer Insights

Focus on the strategical implications of consumer behaviors. Through this IMC graduate course, students will gain an understanding of buyer behavior and e-commerce marketing. The Global Consumer Insights course introduces students to a wide range of behavioral concepts and examines the strategic implications of customer behavior. Students explore the realities and implications of buyer behavior in traditional and e-commerce markets. A key to the Global Consumer Insights course is demonstrating how an understanding of buyer behavior can help to improve strategic decision-making in developing effective global marketing and communication campaigns.

Marketing Research

MBA 605N Marketing Research

Discover the marketing research process by exploring available marketing research literature. Conceptualize and conduct marketing research and use that research as an aid for strategic marketing decisions.

Skills gained through the Marketing Research class include:

  • The ability to apply market research to the marketing decision-making process, to develop successful strategies.
  • The abilities to gather data and apply insights to solve an organization's business problems.
  • A clear understanding of a variety of research methods to apply to the marketing strategy decision making process.


Marketing Foundations

MBA 525N Marketing Foundations

Develop skills for applying analytic perspectives, decision making, and various marketing in order to create value for the customer. Expand your understanding and management skills in this critical aspect of IMC.

Business Analytics (elective)

Business Analytics

The Business Analytics course through the IMC Master's degree program provides an interactive process to exploring and analyzing enterprise data in order to gain insights that can be used to make better strategic decisions in a business marketing environment.

From new application development to the increase in robust data collection from websites there is a constant need for handling and interpreting large amounts of data in the digital age. Student's enrolled in the Business Analytics course will learn how to manage and use this data to predict buying behaviors and influence future product use.

IMC Mobile Marketing (elective)

COMI 992L Integrated Marketing Communication Mobile Marketing

The Integrated Marketing Communication's Mobile Marketing course will explore the evolving mobile marketplace. The course is designed to help students understand the underlying mobile technology, assess the range of opportunities that a mobile environment provides to the marketers, and learn to integrate mobile in the overall marketing communication strategy.

Mobile marketing is the next generation of online marketing. Mobile first, responsive design, MMS and SMS messaging campaigns, mobile advertising, app development, and mobile innovations are just a few of the topics Marist's Mobile Marketing course will cover as we take students through the process of learning mobile-centric marketing.

Search Engine Optimization (elective)

COMI 592 Search Engine Optimization

Today’s marketing requires you to know how to make your web page jump to the front of Google searches. Explore on-page optimization, inbound link building, site-structure, keyword search, creating a comprehensive SEO site audit, and more.

Integrated Marketing Communication Capstone

Integrated Marketing Communication Master's Degree Capstone

Incorporate knowledge gained from your IMC courses to create your own innovation. The Integrated Marketing Communication Capstone course allows students to demonstrate the knowledge they have gained throughout the program by creating an integrated brand experience. The Capstone course helps to prepare the student for a future in almost any company concerned with consumer/customer communications including advertising, public relations, promotions, Internet, IMC-media and client organizations.