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The staff of the IT Systems Department install, maintain and manage most of the major computer operating systems used by the college. In particular, they handle the following platforms:

  • z/VM on IBM z14 server
  • Linux on Intel, Linux/390 and z/Linux

Systems is also responsible for implementing and managing numerous important services for the college including:

  • LDAP directory services
  • Linux Research Center
  • LISTSERV - one of the largest mass e-mail facilities on the Internet
  • Proxy services for public lab security
  • TSM - server and desktop backup services
  • QIP - DB2 based database to support network security management

Along with their normal duties, the Systems staff support various important projects and joint studies with faculty and IBM. The z/VM staff often participate in early testing of new releases of the operating system. One of the most ambitious projects is to provide students in various classes with individual z/Linux machines running on the IBM z10. Staff work with the faculty and IBM to refine the requirements for these machines and design a workable configuration to meet their needs. Since Spring 2003, over 100 students were using these machines as part of their education.

Some of the Systems staff also regularly participate in technical organizations such as SHARE, Metropolitan VM User's Association and LinuxWorld.