Advanced Certificate in Healthcare Management


Please join us for our Spring 2023 Graduate Open House, Saturday, March 25, 2022, at 10:00 am in the Lowell Thomas building. 

Advanced Certificate in Healthcare Management

Hospitals, nursing homes, specialty clinics, and private practices all need administrators who are adept in the usual aspects of business management and who can apply those skills within the unique business model of healthcare administration. Career opportunities are plentiful and well-paying. The Bureau of Labor Statistics classifies healthcare administration as a high growth field, now and many years into the future.  

If you’ve been tempted to try graduate school, but are worried about the time and money commitment, a graduate studies certificate in Healthcare Management will give you an impressive resume booster without requiring you to commit to a full degree. If you already have a graduate degree, this certificate will expand and freshen your credentials.  

The graduate certificate in healthcare administration will:  

  • Freshen an older MBA or MPA to increase interest in your online profiles and resumes.  
  • Prepare you to make a career change from your current industry into healthcare. 
  • Prepare you for promotion from direct care provision into healthcare management.  
  • Make you more comfortable, confident, and effective with your new responsibilities if you’re newly promoted from direct care to management.  
  • Increase your visibility so you stand out from the competition who is applying for new jobs or promotions alongside you.

Once you’ve succeeded in your certificate program, you can use it as a springboard into a Marist Master of Business AdministrationMaster of Public Administration, or Master of Healthcare Administration. If you’re accepted into any of those degree programs, your certificate will transfer in as your concentration.

Information Sessions

The Healthcare Management Certificate is facilitated through both the MBA and MPA programs at Marist. We encourage you to register for an information session based on your interests and career goals:

MBA Information Sessions 

(Advanced Certificate in Healthcare Management will also be discussed)

  • Monday - 2/13 - MBA Virtual Information Session (includes Ethical Leadership and Healthcare Management Certificates) - online - 6:00 pm - 6:30 pm

MPA Information Sessions 

(Advanced Certificate in Healthcare Management will also be discussed)

  • Tuesday - 2/14 - MPA Virtual Information Session (includes Ethical Leadership and Healthcare Management Certificates) - online - 6:00 pm - 6:30 pm

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