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Advanced Certificate in Healthcare Management


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Advanced Certificate in Healthcare Management Courses

MPA 681: US Health Care Policies and Systems

The US Health Care Policies and Systems course is an introduction to American health care delivery systems and policy with a focus on issues and challenges faced by managers in the health care sector. Health care employees are highly educated and create a diverse workforce that increasingly encounters problems with regulation, reimbursement, and profitability.

The US Health Care Policies and Systems course will explore the issues and controversies met in hospitals, nursing homes, and ambulatory care facilities as well as take a closer look at the policy decisions shaping how health care will be made accessible to the public.

Students will focus on creating strategies to help effectively implement and manage policy associated with the obstacles created by modern-day changes to the health care sector of public administration. All MPA courses are available online through our distance learning program.


MPA 682: Ethical/Legal Issues in Health Care

The Ethical and Legal Issues in Health Care MBA / MPA graduate course relates current legal practices to health care institutions in order to show students how moral and ethical choices are prominent factors in the health care industry.

Students will expand on their understanding of administrative theory in relation to best practices in the legal arena of public administration. Real-world topics examine ethical situations and decisions that are debated in health care administration and common to the health care industry.

Students will study current legal concerns in health care to expand on their moral decision-making skills in order to combat the issues faced by health care institutions in today's society both internally and externally.


MPA 683: Critical Issues in Health Care

The Critical Issues in Health Care course combines historical information on practices formerly used by health care professionals and policymakers with current issues discussed in the media. The topics covered in the course are contemporary and controversial in nature to gain the best understanding of health care decision-making.

The Critical Issues in Health Care course will explore the specific implementation of health care policy and the challenges of balancing margin v. mission to ensure the long-term sustainability of an organization.

Students will be provided with tools to engage in contemporary health care debates in order to develop tactics and strategies that will help influence health care decisions on a personal and organizational level.

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