Economics, Accounting, and Finance Department

Bachelor of Science in Economics

The mission of the economics program is to complement students’ liberal arts education with a thorough understanding of economics and its use in applied fields such as monetary, international, and environmental economics within a supportive, interactive, and personalized learning environment. This program prepares students for entry-level positions in business, nonprofit organizations, and government and for graduate study in economics, business, and law.

The objectives of the program of study in economics for the student are to:

  • Understand the market economy and its behavior, growth, and stability in a broad conceptual framework for the identification of economic issues and the analysis of economic conditions as related to business and society to guide policy;
  • Develop analytical skills and comprehend quantitative techniques in order to apply them to the analysis of economic activities and their fluctuations to infer and foresee economic relationships and trends;
  • Develop a critical understanding of diverse perspectives in the rapidly changing global economy;
  • Develop an understanding of the ethical issues that arise in the formation of economic policy;
  • Develop communication skills through both written and oral presentation.

CAROL FRIEDMAN., Chairperson

Students who choose a Bachelor of Arts in Economics, you'll start with a solid foundation in both macro and micro economic theory. Then you'll move on to studying how economic theory works in environmental, financial, public, and international economies. You'll apply analytical skills to defining business and social problems, understanding the scope and impact of the global economy, and recognizing the ethical and social issues that are part of policy making. You'll graduate prepared to work in government agencies, management and financial consulting firms, market research firms, environmental agencies, international organizations, and academic institutions.