Silver Needle Runway

Silver Needle Runway 33

The 33rd Annual Silver Needle Runway coincides with the Marist Fashion Program’s new state-of-the-art home in the Steel Plant Studios. This opens a new chapter for the Program, giving us a chance to reflect on the past, present and future of fashion. SNR33 is a reflection of the future of fashion, showcasing the talents of the next generation who will shape the world of fashion.



Awards & Scholarships

Photo of SNR student accepting award on runway

The senior designers’ collections and portfolios are reviewed by a jury of industry professionals. Each designer presents their garments and creative process during Senior Thesis Presentations. The judges critique the collections and portfolios, while selecting award finalists as follows:

Fashion Awards

  • Best Collection: Leander Trotter
  • Best Portfolio: Leander Trotter
  • Best Thesis: Joanna Musacchio
  • Best Garment: Alexa Wisnieski
  • Cutty Sark Scholarship: Alexa Gillert
  • Kate Spade & Company Foundation: Kristina Ultimo
  • Mary Abodo Scholarship: Dylan Broder
  • Fashion Faculty Award: Marla Dipoto
  • Junior Design Scholarship: Isabel Holden
  • Junior Merchandising Scholarship: Carolina Manco
  • Sophomore Design Scholarship: Veronica Kleenk
  • Sophomore Merchandising Scholarship: Lea Sciancalepore
  • Mporium Scholarship: Rachel Steinberg & Julia Mazzella
  • YMA Scholarship: Madeline Dinito
  • Eva Block Memorial Scholarship: Madeline Dinito
  • NRF Rising Star Scholarship: Catherine Gambeski
  • Threads Magazine Sewing Award: Sarah Rexford
  • NRF Next Generation Scholarship: Marissa Keegan
  • GAGE Foundation Scholarship: Peggy Chiang
  • Fulbright Scholarship: Madysen Gabel

Merchandising Capstone Awards 

  • Merchandising Innovation Award, “Find your Grip”: Sara Craft, Lizzie Oser, Katie Alden
  • Merchandising Research Award, “Everybody Dyes”: Tess Cimino, Caroline Ricci, Paulina Selecky, Jacquelyn Kaiser
  • Merchandising Promotion Award, “Real Like Me”: Jenna Hostetler, Ren Kolongowski, Kallen Leeseberg
  • Merchandising Business Award, “One seventy two”: Julie Ward, Sarah Vermillion, Rebecca Zhuo

The Design Jury