Financing Your MPA Degree

An Affordable Program in Public Administration

Financing Your MPA DegreeMarist College offers an affordable program in Public Administration graduate studies and provides several options toward financing your MPA degree through their Office of Student Financial Services. Take advantage of all financing opportunities so that you can begin earning your professional degree in Public Administration today.

Grants, Loans, and Financial Assistance for Your MPA

The first step toward financing your graduate degree is to complete and submit your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) application. It is recommended that graduate students submit this form at the same time as completing the admission application so that all financial aid can be processed prior to the start of classes.

Need-based grants and loans are available for graduate students as well. Part-time and full-time grants are available depending on your credit load. To be eligible, students must be able to successfully show their financial need (this will be outlined on each application). Federal and private loans provide yet another way to finance your MPA degree. Don’t miss out on these tuition financing opportunities so that you can earn your graduate degree in Public Administration, stress free!

Scholarships for MPA Graduate Students

Merit Graduate Scholarships are available to accepted students who perform in the top tiers of academic excellence. Endowed Scholarships are available to graduate students, provided by the support of alumni and trustees to assist with graduate student studies. Specialty Scholarships are also available for graduate students limited in financial capability. In addition, Marist also offer several Corporate and Organizational Partnerships that help to reduce tuition costs for employees, volunteers and adult family members. 

As you complete your financial aid and loan applications, check to see which of these scholarship awards you may be eligible for. Marist offers many scholarship options to graduate students in order to assist with tuition payments and help students afford to further their degree and their careers. Don’t assume that you’re ineligible for any scholarship option. If you need assistance in deciding which scholarships you’re eligible for, you can speak to an admissions advisor about all our financing options.

Contact us for more information about financing your MPA graduate degree program. Earning your MPA degree is an affordable option toward advancing your career in the public sector.

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