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Master of Public Administration (MPA)

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Full-Time MPA Curriculum

Apply to Earn An MPA Degree Online Through Our Full-Time Curriculum

Public Administration Master's degree students at Marist College have the flexibility of choosing between a full-time or part-time Public Administration graduate degree course structure. Students enrolled in the MPA graduate program benefit from earning their degrees completely online. This flexibility is ideal for students who would like to further their education but have a hectic career or family schedule.

Through the full-time Public Administration graduate degree students are able to choose between several concentrations including; Public and Nonprofit ManagementHealthcare Administration, Ethical Leadership, or Analytics. Each MPA concentration offers a comprehensive learning experience for each specific area of study.

Full-Time Master's in Public Administration Course Load

Full-time MPA students must complete their degree in no more than two years. The recommended schedule for a full-time Public Administration graduate student is taking two classes per round with four classes each semester. Courses may be spread out using a summer term to accommodate for career obligations.

Choosing the Online Full-Time MPA Degree

Students enrolled in the full-time Public Administration Master's degree will take their courses 100%. Online courses are structured similarly to classroom-based courses to provide graduate students with the same dynamic education. The full-time online Public Administration graduate degree allows for increased flexibility in scheduling.

MPA degree students have the option to meet personally with professors and advisors via online chats, phone, and email. Students enrolled in the online MPA program who live or work close to the Marist College main campus in Poughkeepsie may also schedule face-to-face meetings with professors and advisors.

The Master's in Public Administration graduate degree program is designed to meet the career development needs of working professionals as well as those seeking a career change. Contact Marist College to learn more and begin your MPA graduate degree application.


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