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Master of Public Administration (MPA)

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MPA Course Format and Delivery

The Marist MPA is comprised of core courses, electives, and optional concentrations in ethical leadership, health care administration, analytics, and public and nonprofit management.

Students may pursue their degree part-time (6 credits/semester) or full-time (9 credits/semester). Those interested in completing faster may take 12 credits/semester in the Accelerated Online MPA and earn their degree in 14 months. All MPA courses are offered 100% online.

Courses are offered in 8-week segments or "rounds." Round 1 courses run the first 8 weeks of each semester. Round 2 courses run the second 8 weeks of each semester. 

Online Courses 

Marist College, a recognized leader in the use of technology in the classroom, was the first college in New York State to gain approval to offer its entire MPA program online. Students juggling work responsibilities, military duty, travel requirements, and family obligations can pursue their MPA from the convenience of their own keyboards, whenever and wherever they may be. Brightspace instructional technology enables students to interact extensively with their instructors and classmates in a portable and flexible online learning format. Online students log on according to their own schedules when it is most convenient for them. Communication is continuous via e-mail, discussion forums, virtual group conference rooms, and private chat rooms. There is no on-campus requirement for students completing the program fully online, nor are all students expected to be online at the same time as course content is administrated in an asynchronous manner.

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