Earning an MPA vs. an MBA in Healthcare Administration

Choosing Between a Healthcare Master’s in Public Administration or Business Administration

Earning an MPA vs. an MBA in Healthcare AdministrationThe healthcare industry as a whole is an incredibly dynamic, rapidly changing environment that requires healthcare professionals to be well educated and versed in the pressing issues of this important industry. These issues can range from hospital management to public health infrastructure. If you’re interested in working in the healthcare industry, Marist College offers a Healthcare Administration MPA, as well as a Healthcare Administration MBA to help you achieve your career goals.

Choosing Between an Healthcare MPA & MBA

Choosing the right degree program for you relies on your goals. Earning an MPA vs. an MBA in Healthcare Administration begins with understanding the differences between an MPA and an MBA.

The MPA degree program is designed for students seeking employment in the non-profit sector. As it relates to healthcare administration, a Master’s in Public Administration is the perfect springboard for students looking to become effective leaders in dealing with issues such as rising costs and accessibility of quality health care. The Health Administration MPA program will give students the skills required for senior managerial and planning work.

The AACSB-accredited MBA Healthcare Administration Program is designed for students seeking employment in the for-profit sector. This MBA degree program prepares students to become leaders in the evolving world of healthcare, and helps them gain the necessary skills to effectively manage hospitals and healthcare-related organizations. The MBA Healthcare Administration Program also gives students a deep understanding of the unique situations faced by healthcare managers on a daily basis.

The difference between a Master’s in Public Administration and Business Administration in the healthcare field is basically a choice between the what type of organization you would like to work for. MPA graduates will be perfectly suited for leadership positions within government and non-profit organizations, while MBA graduates will be well suited for work within for-profit hospitals and organizations.

Regardless of your career goals, earning an MPA or MBA in Healthcare Administration from Marist College will set you up for future success in the healthcare industry. You will graduate with an invaluable degree, and a set of skills that will allow you to effectively lead teams and organizations, as well as become a thought leader for the world of health care.

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