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The Center for Social Media

The Marist College Center for Social Media officially launched in the Fall of 2017.  The Center utilizes Salesforce’s Social Studio and Command Center to fulfill its mission to ‘Educate students in industry-leading practices in social media listening, engagement, influence, and analytics.’

Through the Center, we're preparing students for futures in social and digital industries.  Students are provided training both in and out of the classroom through internships, ambassadorships, and course materials.  To date, the Center has provided access to and trained over 200 faculty and students on using Social Studio, and using data analytics for research.  Work in the Center has been widely recognized, including a 2019 nomination for Excellence in Student Success by

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About Social Studio

The Social Studio platform is made up of three tenants: publish, engage, and analyze. Understanding the need to turn our students from native users into strategic business users, students are taught the applicable skills of social media management and data listening to make them ready for the workplace.

The Space

Marist and the School of Communication and the Arts has dedicated a fully-equipped space for the Center. Here seven screens and two computer process and display digital listening data from across the globe. The dedicated room also provides a place for students to come together to discuss and work on projects related to the technology. 

What We Do 

The Center provides students and faculty with the tools and space to learn, research and practice digital and social medias.  The Center does this through,

  • The establishment of a cohort of Student Ambassadors to support the Center’s activities
  • A lecture series, featuring industry professionals
  • Listening, analytics, and branding workshops
  • Integration into course curriculum
  • Faculty and student research
  • Hands-on social media management

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