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Fashion Program

Fashion Magazine students working on the publication

Marist’s annual fashion magazine, FM/AM is a fully student-produced publication. Professional Lecturer of Fashion, Merchandising, and Sustainability Melissa Halvorson serves as instructor and mentor. FM/AM is built into the academic structure of the Fashion Program; Halvorson teaches the courses “Writing for Fashion” every fall and “Magazine Production” in the spring.

“Fashion is frequently misunderstood as being about ‘clothes,’ when in truth, it is about change, tension and innovation,” said Halvorson. “Students write about topics and people that can offer some insight into these complex ideas. Editorial decisions are made by consensus based on adherence to this mission.”  

FM/AM Volume 6 cover

Students can sign up for the FM/AM course multiple times. “The ones who demonstrate high levels of professionalism and creativity apply for leadership positions that then serve as their capstone project during senior year,” Halvorson explained.

All written and graphic content is created by students, including illustrations, info-graphics, and feature photography. Editorial photo shoots are conceived, directed, and produced by students on the Art Direction team. These fashion spreads, designed to showcase the work of the Fashion Program’s designers, require months of work and planning. “This is an important opportunity for our students to work together with their peers and instructors, giving and getting direction; compromising, communicating the magazine's mission; learning how to manage a photoshoot of 20-30 people. As complicated and exhausting as these shoot days are, I revel in watching students explode into the professionals they have become,” said Halvorson. 

FM/AM has been sold in France, the UK, Spain, Portugal, Italy, New Zealand, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, and throughout the U.S. in major cities. In addition, the magazine has won multiple gold medals from the prestigious Columbia Scholastic Press Association (CSPA) of Columbia University, an international student press organization.

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