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Fashion Internships

Internships add a very important dimension to Fashion Program study and provide important contributions to students as they build professional resumes to take into the job market. Through internships, students:

  • Enhance classroom learning through access to the resources in our industry
  • Add depth and relevance to more traditional classroom work
  • Learn about the industry
  • Acquire experience in the working world
  • Improve job search and interview skills
  • Network to gain contacts
  • Develop an impressive resume 

Marist's strength in internship placement, and unusual depth of internship opportunities, derives from our close proximity to New York City. Here in the fashion capital of the world, students have access to a wide variety of work environments. Fashion students have completed internships at companies such as Michael Kors, BCBG, Chanel, Harpers Bazaar, Macy's, Nordstrom, Ross Stores and Ralph Lauren.

All students are strongly encouraged to complete at least two internships, although internship participation is not mandatory. Students without any internship experience are at a serious competitive disadvantage as they search for their first full-time job within the fashion industry. Elective credits are applied to internships, which may begin as early as the summer following Freshman year for students who have excelled in coursework and demonstrated the maturity, focus and drive which is appreciated by the fashion industry. For first-year and transfer students taking the FASH100/Introduction to the Fashion Industry course, a special internship presentation is included in the course offering which will provide students with complete details about the internship process. Students should begin planning internships early and should make an appointment with Internship Coordinator.


  • Permission of the Internship Coordinator
  • Matriculation in a bachelor's degree program
  • GPA of 2.5 or above
  • Completion of course work that relates to the duties being performed at the work site. At minimum, students must have successfully completed FASH100L-Fashion in Culture & Commerce
  • 30 or more credits (transfer students must have earned at least 12 credits at Marist), or at the discretion of the internship coordinator
  • Students must meet the qualifications established by the internship employer.

How to apply for an internship:

  1. Print out and fill in the Internship Request Form  pdf icon
  2. Place the completed form in the Internship & Placement Coordinator's mailbox located in the Fashion Program Steel Plant #238 with your resume attached. If you do not have a resume, please refer to the Marist College Career Services webpage and construct a resume, bring to Career Services for review prior to submitting your Internship Request Form.
  3. After submitting your form & resume to the Internship Coordinator, sign up for an internship meeting. 
  4. Be prepared to discuss your goals and review your audit & resume at your internship meeting.