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New Student Information

Welcome to Marist College!

Here is some important information from Information Technology to help you prepare for your first year at Marist.  If you would like more details about each area, just click on the heading and it will take you to that area's web site.

Marist Card Office (Marist ID Card & Marist Money)

Your Marist ID Card not only identifies you, but provides access to resident halls, the library and gym, allows you to attend Student Activity events, and holds your meal plan, thrifty cash, and Marist Money.

Marist Money allows you to purchase items across campus as well as from certain off-campus vendors, just by using your Marist ID Card.  Funds can be added at any time and carries over between semesters and years.

The Computer Store

The Marist College Computer Store is a virtual site where students can see the recommended Apple and Lenovo laptop offerings and provide a portal for laptop purchasing.

The Lenovo laptops purchased through Marist come with Office 365 pre-installed. Every student is provided a complimentary Office 365 license while studying at Marist College. Students are encouraged to download the full Office package. As an alternative to the downloadable version, the Office 365 apps can be accessed through the myMail email system (see below).

Client Technologies (ResNet)

Client Technologies (ResNet) is a team of staff and students who assist ALL Marist students with computer and network related issues.  These issues include wired and wireless network support, virus, malware, spyware, and adware removal, and general software and hardware troubleshooting support.

Apple or Lenovo laptops may be purchased through the Marist Computer Store.  Purchasing a laptop through Marist guarantees:

  • Apple warranty repairs performed on-site at the Client Technologies office by Apple Certified Macintosh Technicians. Accidental damage claims must be handled with Apple directly (no loaner provided).
  • ThinkPad warranty (Thinkpad University – TPU) repairs performed on-site at the Client Technologies office by Lenovo Certified Technicians; accidental damage claims may be performed on-site or facilitated at Client Technologies.
  • Loaner laptop provided during lengthy repairs brought to Client Technologies (Fall and Spring semesters while on campus)
  • Re-imaging of TPU and Apple computers.
  • Data backup for re-imaging / re-install.

Computers or other related devices, such as printers, purchased elsewhere may be brought on campus, but the support is limited:

  • Basic troubleshooting only
  • No installation of any non-Marist software
  • No hard drive formatting or OS installation / upgrades
  • No hardware repairs/upgrades – referred to OEM
  • No data backup or data recovery
  • No loaner laptop service
  • Personal printers are not supported and wireless printers will not work on the Marist campus network

Tips to Keep in mind when considering a computer purchase:

  • Software Support
    • Fully Supported:
      • Windows 10 1909 – Recommended
      • Windows 8.1
      • macOS 10.14 (Mojave) or higher
    • Not Supported (but allowed):
      • Linux
      • Console Games & Appliances
    • Not Allowed:
      • Windows 8.0/7/Vista/XP
      • macOS less than 10.13 (High Sierra)
    • Marist provides McAfee VirusScan Enterprise for all students
      • Provided free of charge
      • Updates automatically, every day
      • Can be downloaded from the Antivirus Software page
      • All students are required to run an up-to-date antivirus program on their computers in order to access the network

If you aren’t bringing a laptop to campus, there are resources available for you as well:

  • Labs are located throughout the campus for student use
  • Donnelly Lab is open 24/7 every day of the year
  • Library is open Monday-Thursday & Sunday until 2 am; Friday & Saturday until 10pm – Check their website for updated hours
  • Loaner laptops are available for use in the Library
  • Laser printers are available in all labs
  • At this time all campus facilities are limited due to COVID-19 restrictions

IMPORTANT: Information Security

Our Information Security page includes a number of critical links related to use of the Marist Network, Copyright Information, and other security tips.

The Marist College Acceptable Usage Policy can be found y going directly to the Technology Acceptable Usage Agreement.

Please also review information related to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).  The DMCA allows the Copyright holders and their designee to prosecute individuals who are illegally downloading or sharing copyrighted material.  You can review more information about this on the Copyright Basics page.

Marist Account Security

Marist Accounts and Passwords are never to be shared, not even with Parents!

Sharing your Marist Account and Password is a violation of the Marist College Acceptable Use Policy.

The Marist College IT department will NEVER ask for your student’s Marist account password – all passwords are required to be changed every 6 months.

Students are responsible for everything attributed to their account, whether it was used by themselves or someone else.


myMail is Marist’s web-based email service provided by Office 365 for Education.  It provides online access to Outlook (email), Calendar, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and One Drive.  Marist College provides a 100GB inbox as well as access to collaborative applications such as 1 TB of One Drive Storage and Microsoft Teams.

All students must use their Marist email address for any communication with the college, and all official communication from the college will be sent to this address.

The Digital Publication Center

Located in the lower level of Donnelly Hall (Room 115), the Digital Publication Center is an on-campus copy and print shop.  There is a self-service color copier/printer available and in-house services to print reports, presentations, and posters for academic and personal use.  Staff are available to assist students with their publication needs.